Want To Create Quick & Easy

Photo Quotes & Photo Tips?


This Creative Marketing Module will teach you how!


You see them everywhere…. on Facebook and Pinterest. You can’t scroll down your newsfeed without seeing a creative Infographic or Photo Quote. And how many times has your attention been drawn to them?

That’s because they are popular! And they grab your attention over long, booooooooring copy!

What if you could create your own Infographics easily – and have fun doing it?

In my new Creative Marketing Module: Create Easy Photo Tips & Quotes for Social Media, I’ll show you just how to do that.

I’ll share with you

  • How to create Photo Quotes – easily! You don’t have to have big, expensive graphic programs – or artistic ability
  • Where to find great graphics
  • What to include in these Photo Quotes to make them engaging & compelling
  • 9 qualities to help you create Visual Buzz instead of Visual Boring!
  • Easy tips and tricks to get started right away making Photo Quotes
  • Tons of Photo Quote ideas, inspiration, and examples – 3 videos!
  • How to make sure you include your Guiding Goals
  • Resources for graphics, photo backgrounds, and software for easy-to-create graphics

You get multi-media learning within the module where I demonstrate examples through videos… plus you get worksheets, how-to instructions, supplies, and even a bonus feature!


Here’s a sneak peek into what you get in the Create Easy Photo Tips & Quotes for Social Media module:

Photo Quote Lessons

As you can see above, you have several rich, juicy activities in this module:


What Are Visual Content Graphics & Why Do I Want to Create Them? (Screen shot from the learning module)



Creating Visual Buzz Vs. Visual Boring (Screen shot from the learning module)



Guiding Goals: What do you want to accomplish with your Photo Quotes? (Screen shot from the learning module)



Let’s Get Started! Create Visual Buzz in 5 Minutes or Less! (Screen shot from the learning module)



Demo Video – How to Create an Easy and Quick Photo Quote with PowerPoint! (Screen shot from the learning module)



Favorite Resources – 10-page resource plus checklist (Screen shot from the learning module)



Special Bonus Idea Video and Social Media Sharing Checklist (Screen shot from the learning module)



Here’s what one person has said about diving into the Create Easy Photo Tips & Quotes for Social Media module:


quoteleftGroup of Photo Quotes_Ann PottsI’d often admired photo quotes on Facebook but had no idea how to create them. Leave it to Laura’s module to simplify the entire process and make it easily accomplished. Besides showing you how to create the quotes, she instructs you in ‘visual buzz’ and establishing guiding goals for your images. I immediately saw a greater response in Facebook by using photo quotes.

Ann Potts


Are you just itching to add Creative Visuals to your marketing and content? Are you ready to get started creating your own Infographics and Photo Quotes?

You can get instant access right now! So you can get started today! Only $47 for all this juicy content, resources, tools, and demos, and you’ll be creating InfoGraphics within minutes!


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We can’t wait to see the beautiful and creative Photo Quotes & Tips you create. Please share your marketing creations with us!



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