Private Coaching Opportunities to Work with Laura

Here are the first steps to working with Laura…


Creative Business Vision & Strategy Session

This is an intense 60-minute consultation for $397 where you and Laura download what's next for your business. It's a very powerful consultation to laser focus on the flow of your gifts, programs and products, and marketing strategies.

You'll leave feeling more clear, more aligned, and sure of the next step for stepping into the spotlight with your business in a way that is authentic, congruent and powerful.

Book your Creative Business Vision & Strategy Session.


JumpStart Your Bigger Game Coaching Program

If you've been looking to work with a seasoned business coach for more than just one session, but you don't want to invest the time and money into a six-month or year-long program, then the JumpStart Your Bigger Game Coaching Package may be perfect for you!

Imagine what you could create in your business and in your life if you shifted out of stuckness, out of doubt, out of fear of marketing, money and into owning your expertise with authenticity, integrity, creativity and even fun!

...What would be possible?

No travel, no long commitment of time, no huge investment of money.

It’s simple. Four coaching sessions. Enough power to help you MOVE forward into possibility land, expansion, confidence, and greater success as a result.

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Additional Private Coaching Opportunities

You can also work other ways with Laura: deep, rich, long, or short. These private coaching opportunities include:

4-Hour Virtual Coaching Retreat

In-person VIP Retreat Day

6-Month Coaching Program

12-Month Coaching Program

If you would like additional details and to set up a conversation to see which of the programs can help support your business, please email me for more information and send information about your current business.


Laura West is a Creative Business Coach, Passionista, and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business
at As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she has helped thousands of
women entrepreneurs create successful businesses filled with passion, creativity and real success.

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