Vision Boards – Unique Ideas for Your Board!


Vision Boards have become all the rage!  Lmvisionboard

Everyone is really catching on to how powerful this simple creative process can be.  I love that…. deceptively simple and deeply powerful.

This vision board to the left is one that my husband and I did together before we were married, representing what we wanted to create together in our marriage.

I have created collages for years. Some of my first ones as a teenager were actually collages of my Wonder_woman__color__001_3favorite movie stars and singers… Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman), Linda Carter (Wonder Woman)… is there a theme? Add to it: Olivia Newton John, Cher.  Evan back then, I intuitively understood the power of pictures and the metaphors for what I wanted in my life.

Nowadays, my vision boards and vision books have morphed into images that are both powerful and calming…. quiet power is a consistent theme.

Most of my clients work with vision boards or collages. They have a vision of a topic come alive through pictures, words, color, and they express their creativity even in the materials they choose to use.

Several years ago I facilitated a workshop for my chiropractor’s office. Everyone in the office created a vision collage for what they wanted in  their lives.  When I came back for a treatment a few years later, Dr. Shelley West said to me that she had recently found her vision board from three years ago. She said, “You know what? Everything on that board has come true!”

As part of the Joyful Business Guide system, I recommend creating vision boards for your ideal clients, your ideal vendor partners, and your life vision.  It’s inspiring to take a photo of your vision board and then add a color copy of it to your guide – it’s part of creating your own personal inspirational guide.

Spending the time claiming photos, discovering words that bring a visceral response, seeing an object that intuitively speaks to you…. all this is a way of uncovering your deepest yearnings and giving them some air time… letting them be discovered and claimed.

Here are some sample visions from several Joyful Business owners. I hope you’ll get lots of ideas and inspiration for possibilities for your own…


I love this idea of using something unexpected! A shell, a piece of bark, or a piece of driftwood even. This is from Beverly Keaton-Smith of Embrace Your Gifts and Soar. 

These others are from Beverly, too. She was in a visioning mode that September!  Must have to do with it being her birthday month that makes her (us) feel like taking stock of life and dreaming of possiblities….

Soarboard_2_3 Soar_3

Bevgoesbig_3 I like this one….”Bev Goes Big!”  This one prompted Beverly and I to talk about what “big” looks like, and we even had a phone call where we got on the phone… we imagined ourselves five years into the future, calling each other up and sharing what was going on in our lives, celebrating our business successes, what our husbands were up to, where we have traveled, and what is bringing us joy in this year!  What fun… and you’d be surprised at the things that will spill out!


This one just uses words and color for impact. My former client Jenny Chafe, a very cool voice and movement coach from NYC, did this one as an easy way to get her thoughts out about her ideal client. Simple, easy to do in a short amount of time and yet a powerful reminder of who she is attracting.

Ideal_client_boardtaras Here’s another creative idea – lay out your vision board and forget the glue!  Another former client Tara Seawright, a wonderful interior stylist from NYC, laid this ideal client collage out on her floor and then took a photo. She says it gives her such inspiration as she spends a few minutes of each day looking at it.

Attraction_journal_1 Attraction_journal_2_2 You can create your vision collage as an ongoing project. Here is an example from Joyful Business owner, Ginger Burr, of Total Image Consultants. She has created an Attraction Book. She uses it to collect images and words, quotes and ideas for what she wants more of in her life.  Ginger shares how it is a very relaxing ritual to do at night before bed. Pulling a few photos out, cutting and pasting.  Very nurturing and …as we know, powerful too!

I hope you have enjoyed a few of these ideas of simple and yet creative ways you can create your own vision board – collage – shell – book!

Let it be simple. Don’t edit the photos, images, or words…just let them quietly (or sometimes loudly) inform you.

Please share your examples of how you use this process to create and attract in your life and business!  your ideas inspire us!


30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Featuring Tina Games


Here’s a beautiful example of taking your  powerful message and adding a program that aligns with your passions and strengths to evolve your business to the next place of growth!

I’ve had the privilege of working for a couple of years with Tina Games , a Life Purpose Intuitive and author of the

Journaling By the Moonlight by Tina Games

Amazon best seller and card deck, Journaling by the Moonlight, A Mother’s Path to Self Discovery.  I’ve seen her shift from a “comfortable passionate’ message into a bolder and more couragous message as a thought leader for creating a Life Purpose Legacy.

In the 30 Day Passion Project Tina took her bold message even further.  She knew there was a “next step”, another place to evolve her message to. Throughout the 30 Days Tina realized it was time to bring in her passion for creating powerful and nurturing communities.  She launched her creative vision for the  “Life Purpose Legacy Network.”

Tina’s Passion Project is obviously going to take longer than 30 days to create, launch and build but the 30 Day incubator gave Tina the structure and focus to claim her next project and take practical steps to create the vision, get the domain, and create the new banner for the upcoming website. Stay tuned as she launches the Life Purpose Legacy Network!

Tina is joining us again for the October 30 Day Passion Project!  I can’t wait to support her in the next phase!

Do you have a next phase of your business that you’ve been secretly wanting to create and launch?  We never seem to have the time to get around to it! 

The 30 Day Passion Project is the perfect creative structure for helping you get clear and focus on what you really want to create next in your business!

I hope you’ll join us! Details and registration at 30 Day Passion Project.

I LOVE hearing about all the possibilities and helping you creatively get into Flowmentum!

30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Featuring Thea Sheldon, Intuitive Coach

Thea Sheldon, a brilliant intuitive coach from stepped into the 30 Day Passion Project originally thinking she would focus her project on enrolling more women into her retreat.

Her rich, deep retreat,  planned for the woods and shores of Lake Superior, was coming up in a couple of months and she only had a couple of the spots filled. She was concerned that she might even have to cancel it if something didn’t change.

As much as she kept thinking that was what she wanted to focus on for her project…she knew there was something more courageous for her to focus on.

Once she really allowed herself to discover what was truly yearning to happen, she got clear on her deeper Passion Project.

She wanted to more fully embody her own deep rich intuitive voice and message. For her 30 Day Passion Project, Thea committed to journaling for 30 days – every day AND sharing her writings on her blog.

This was a huge step into faith, trust and courage.

Circumstances said…work on enrollment. Her inner wisdom said…work on embodying what you are here to teach.

Committing to practicing her rituals daily so she could tap into the ancient wisdom that she knew was thirsting to move through her was another important part of her project success.

What transpired or as Thea says, “transmuted” was life shifting.

Thea was able to easily…and richly tap into and integrate her intuitive voice and it shifted everything about the clarity of her vision and the powerful work she knew she is here in this world to do.

And…do you know what else happened? As a result of her courageous commitment to her own authentic Passion Project of embodying her intuitive wisdom…she found the voice to easily talk more fully, confidently and clearly about her retreat.  She is celebrating a full retreat with the most amazing group of women!

Thea and Laura


Do YOU want to dive deep and find your true voice?  What if you set aside 30 Days to as a creative structure to commit to connecting with the deeper wisdom and message that wants to emerge like Thea did?

What if you had the support, accountability, champions and the creative tools to help you stay focused and to take inspired actions?

That’s what you get when you join us for the 30 Day Passion Project!

It starts October 1st but we already have people claiming their projects and sharing possibilities!

I’d love for you to join us! Details and registration at 30 Day Passion Project.