How to find your joy in the midst of life’s challenges




As you know, I am all about the power of joy. I am a believer that when you are in your joy that you are more confident, creative, innovative, and committed. (And research studies agree!)

I also get that sometimes life or business throws you a curve.

And you lose your way to being in your joy.

Or, maybe you kinda feel like life is good but you are ready for great!

What to do?

Well, listen in as I talk about how to shift your energy, attention, attitudes and habits to those of expansion, beauty, love, abundance and yes, joy!

It’s all part of an upcoming tele-sumit hosted by my colleague Melanie Newman.

She will guide you through the experiences and knowledge of over 20 experts in the fields of self-growth, prosperity, relationships, business, and more. Receive not only knowledge but  practical tools  you can use immediately to help you on your path to joy. Along with all the knowledge and tools, you will also receive a free gift from each expert just for listening.

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[Video] Is This For You? The Creative Business Retreat – October 2015

Where do business owners go to recharge their spirit and their business?

I know, having been in business for almost 15 years, that you can’t go just anywhere.

You want a place where you can let down the public persona – even if you are being authentic in your business – there is still a “leadership role” you hold 24/7.

  • Where do you go to nurture your own creative spirit?
  • Sink into being nourished instead of having to nourish others?
  • Where can you go for rich, juicy conversations about what’s next for you…while not be expected to have all the answers, but instead, being ok with the exploration and curiosity of the question?
  • Where can you go to play and let go of all the responsibility?

This is what you need to truly move your business forward in a big way….to let go, to play, to surrender, to just be.
This place is…

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea!

Listen in to Alicia Forest of talk about why (more…)

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