Passion Plus Success Habits #1


Jack the pugI’ve always been a huge believer in “Follow Your Passion and the Money Follows!”

What I also know from years of experience is that there’s more to following your passion than meets the eye.

Simply following your passion… could have you going in circles like my housemate’s little dog – Jack the Pug. He loves to chase his tail. In fact, he is often very, very busy chasing his tail.

Unfortunately he never meets with success! (Poor Jack!)

I hear from many of you how frustrating it can be Following Your Passion and wondering when more success (more money, changing more people’s lives) will come.

It’s because there’s more to it than that.

Passion is necessary. Passion is like fuel. It ignites you. It makes you come alive.


Find the Inner Voice of Your Soul


beachI’m just back in from a walk on the beach this morning. I’m full of messages to share with you!

That’s one of the things that a walk on the beach can do for you… help you find that inner voice of your soul.

It’s like the salty wind carries away your worries, the waves of the water massage your spirit so you can feel once again that inner message that wants to be expressed.

And while you are walking in peace you get to try on that new message.

That message that is emerging is like savoring a new food that you have in your mouth, you sort of roll it around to get the taste and texture of it deciding if you like it. Deciding if you want more.

I find it is so much easier to do this… to be this person who lets her soul speak when I am away in nature… especially at the beach where all my senses… sight, smell,tough, feel, and that sixth sense of knowing to allowed to play.

That’s why I create these special experiences, retreats, by the ocean. So you can get away and immerse yourself in the Creative Alchemy of nature, reflection, intention, nourishing conversation and more…


My Favorite Affirmation


InspireThis is my favorite affirmation.

I say it and write it every day.

Most mornings I purposely start my day with lighting a candle, setting out some of my favorite stones which affirm the energies of love, joy, creativity, abundance and success… and connection.

Then I say my affirmation out loud!

I write it in my journal as a starter and then I write my Morning Pages. (As inspired by Julia Cameron in The Artist Way)

I am always pleasantly surprised… and sometimes down right astounded at how this affirmation wakes me up and connects me to what I most want in my life and business.

And to remember that it’s my purpose to inspire the same in others. I hope I did that for you today!

This is all part of creating from the inside out. What I call Creative Alchemy. If you want to immerse in Creative Alchemy in a beautiful location with fun creative women then consider joining me at the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. You can read more about it here. There’s only a couple of spots left so send me a message if you want to talk about you living this affirmation at the sea! (Love that thought!)

Wishing you a day full of abundance, joy and success!