Creative Alchemy – Creating from the Inside Out


Hello Creative One!

Yes, I’m talking to you! You are creative. I know because we all (every single one of us!) have the power to create in our lives and businesses.

We all create experiences, environments, relationships, self-talk, conversations with others.

We create gardens, cakes, dinners, an impromptu summer cook-out.

In our businesses we are creating all the time… your unique experience of a webinar, a program, a workshop, even emails such as this one.

We create joy, ease, delight, beauty, appreciation, and compassion.

Or… not.

This is all part of the Creative Alchemy ™ process. Being conscious that you are always creating… and choosing what you are creating.

In your life.

In your business.

And using this Creative Alchemy to create new adventures. New programs. New books. New messages… deeper, richer messages. And new experiences for your clients to work with you and achieve success.

I’ve been working with Creative Alchemy™ for decades and have just put a name to my process. I’ve unveiled this to my private clients – they are all very excited and like… “YES! Right on, Laura! This IS what you do and who you are! And we want more!”


Passion Plus Success Habits #3


SandSo you have your work you are passionate about.

But you also may be feeling…

– you aren’t making any money at your passion

– your passion is shifting, evolving and you don’t know where it’s going yet

– a strong urge to do bigger work – to make a bigger impact, to influence the world in a bigger way… but you’re not sure where to plug in.

What you need is Passion PLUS Success Habit #3!

#3: Passion + Container

What I mean by this is that you need a place to put your passion – a vehicle to start getting it out into the world.

A container could be a…

  • teleclass
  • webinar
  • ebook
  • podcast
  • short workshop
  • retreat
  • article series

You need to have a vehicle, or a container, to start putting your passionate work out into the world.

I like to think of them as Passion Projects.

When you have a Passion Project – it gives you a sandbox to play in.


Passion Plus Success Habits #2


StarIn my last post I shared with you about being successful in a passion-based business takes more than passion.

It’s Passion PLUS!

What’s the PLUS? The PLUS is Success Habits.

The Passion is the fuel and the PLUS is what happens day in and day out that gives your passion shape, form and substance… it’s what will help you create a successful business around your passion instead of a wild rollercoaster ride of sales ups and downs.

The second Passion Plus Success Habit is:


Your passion gives you that fire. Boldness. Courage.

When you take action from that fiery place – things happen! Opportunities come to you. Ideas flow out of you like a fountain.

Everything feels limitless.