How Bold Leaps Hurt Your Nervous System


I was coaching with a client the other day and it’s time for her to become more visible with her powerful message.

She knows it. She wants it.

And she’s scared.

She’s great at hiding out. It’s not rational or logical.

You could feel the invisible unspoken expectation across the phone. Just leap. Just do it.

This harsh expectation is so not what she needs. Like most of my clients, and myself included, we tend to be creative, intuitive and highly sensitive.

For us sensitives… the old adage, Leap and the net appears – creates so much stress, anxiety and has us experience actual physical and emotional reactions that we just don’t do it. Instead we put our creativity to use finding very imaginative ways to sabotage the very thing we want to do most. (Sound familiar?) Getting lost on Facebook, being widely available for our kids at very moment, we absolutely MUST clean out that closet/do the dishes/laundry, maybe we’ll PLAN some more (but not do it).

Sometimes we even get sick. That’s how sensitive some of us are to stress, pressure and anxiety.

The solution to taking a Big Leap?


Today’s Energy Infusion: Time to Work ON Your Biz!


Mindset and Leadership QuoteToday’s Energy Infusion: Time to Work ON Your Biz! It’s 4th quarter have you scheduled some time to work on a plan for your business growth for the last push for the year? AND it’s a good time to schedule time to strategize about 2017. It’ll all be here before you know it. You need time to think bigger & outside of the box do you’ll stand out. If you don’t nothing will change. When are you going to plan to work ON your biz?


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Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur – We are into the second week of 2016…


Are you ready to shake it up?

I can tell you if you are planning on doing the same ‘ol thing you’ve been doing – you might find you won’t get the same results.

Everything around us is changing and shifting rapidly. Technology, of course, but the way we do things, the way we show up, the energy in the world, and all this impacts our businesses. Marketing now isn’t the same as it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago. You have to stay awake and stay present.

That means you need to shake things up from time to time. Go on some creative adventures. Meet new people. Have new experiences. I took my boys last weekend to the Monster Jam show in Atlanta.

My cousin, Henry, is in the organization and gave us the inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes (who know that sourcing the right dirt for the show was so important in every country!). We had lots of fun and it definitely shook things up – especially our ear drums! (more…)