Deepening your magnetic vibrational energy

Are you feeling the call to expand your business?

Do you feel like it’s your time to bring your soul work out to a wider audience?

Is this the year to step into your brave leadership to introduce your work to more people – those who are wishing they had a solution like yours?

Only you can decide that this is your time.

And it is a decision.

Sometimes it happens by accident. But usually those “accidents” are preceded by lots of doing the work again and again so that you’re in the right place at the right time.

Wayne Dyer was famous for saying he was an overnight success. It happened overnight after he spend 14 years writing 9 books!

The opportunities will find you when you show up.

Magic and Miracles are all around you.

That’s how magic and miracles work.

You align the energy on the inside. Then listen and take inspired actions on the outside.

But you do have to show up!

You have to raise your hand and YES I’m ready!

That is the first step.

Then see yourself as already having achieved the success you’re asking for. See yourself on stage, having written the book, working with amazing clients, making fantastic money, getting asked to participate in collaborations.

See who you are being in all of your success.

See yourself as trusting, moving forward in faith, showing up as a leader with a message and sharing with deep conviction.

See yourself sharing your passion and mission with your authentic marketing style!

Breathe in and out slowly and intentionally as you hold this powerful vision.

As you see your radiant self, attracting opportunities to you easily, see yourself handling the visibility and the success with grace and ease.

See yourself as being supported by champions of your message in all sorts of forms…administratively, by a coach, by colleagues in a mastermind group. They all see your brilliance and want to support you in bringing your vision alive!

Notice how the more you dream and use your imagination, the stronger your vibrational energy is and the deeper the conviction gets.

Can you feel it?

Notice where in your body it feels the most alive. For me, I usually notice it first by an expansive feeling in my heart and then it moved down into my solar plexus. I start feeling compelled to connect and take action.

How about you? Where do you feel it when you are in vibrational alignment with your expansive vision?

The Yo-yo year! It’s time to get creative.

Have you been experiencing the Yo-yo year already?

One minute you are excited about the possibilities of a fresh new year. You’ve gone through the hibernation of 2020, the re-evaluating of 2021 and now you’ve got your energy and focus lined up for expansion and growth in 2022…and…

Then you experience the contracting energy of another fast-moving covid variant. Do you move forward? Do you plan that retreat or program?

The one thing that is going to remain constant in 2022 is the fast pace of change and uncertainty. You can choose to stand still like deer in the headlights, hide, or get creative.

We have to move ahead with our businesses. This is your livelihood and your passion. It may even be your mission.

In 2022, it isn’t about giving up…it’s about getting creative.

In 2021 I moved back to my hometown in Virginia Beach so I could be close to the ocean and salt air again.

I’ve had plans to start up a conscious business meetup group in January. I love the idea of calling together entrepreneurs and professionals who want to do good with their business. Plus, what a great way to make new connections and friends.

After the holidays settled, I started thinking about the group and seeing the surge in covid, I found myself saying…well, not yet. Or, maybe I go virtual. Or, maybe I’ll wait.

I also felt some disappointment that I couldn’t just launch it the way I wanted to.

Once I acknowledged that frustration and emotion, I felt free to move forward.

I am drawing on my creativity and trusting the future will unfold.

I’m going to do the meetup virtually and assume there are others in the area that also want to gather…even if it’s virtual. Maybe, especially because it’s virtual!

And, I’m getting curious about how to use my creativity to make it a more interactive and fun experience.

This is the year we are being asked to be more creative by…

  • Slowing down so that you can hear the whispers of what really wants to happen.
  • Being more present with people so you can have a greater impact just by being WITH what is really going on underneath
  • Listening more deeply, really hearing what your Soul Tribe is craving.
  • Being willing to respond to how you can make a contribution here and now
  • Being willing to try new things. Make that zoom presentation more fun, engaging and experiential. Or, maybe it’s something totally different than zoom.
  • Daring to find your voice and use it to speak the truth of your soul tribe’s emotions, desires and frustrations.
  • Using your creativity to finally create that program, write that book, develop that podcast to get your soul work out to those who need it.
  • Letting go of the fear of being seen
  • Making time to create that program, product or experience you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Embracing your dream – whatever it is…to move to the perfect place, to write the book, to share your message.

There is no better time than now.

Are you Spiritual AND Ambitious?

Living a spiritual life means being in alignment with your values and purpose and knowing that there is something bigger than ourselves in this universe.

In many spiritual conversations, there is often an underlying message about how business can be greedy, and be a breeding ground for wanting more power and being in the spotlight in a self-centered way.

That it’s somehow MORE spiritual to be overly humble and that big dreams are really your ego’s doing.

But what if you are secretly (or not so secretly) ambitious?

Ambitious meaning that you have a big vision and deep desire for transforming many lives. Ambitious might mean that your vision is huge for making a difference, or that you have an untraditional approach to traditional ways of doing things and it requires you to speak up!

Sometimes being ambitious can feel like it doesn’t have a place in the spiritual conversation.

That somehow being ambitious is all driven from your negative ego.

That it’s bad or wrong to have such high aspirations.

Or even the thought of “who do you think YOU are” to have this big of a vision.

I recently had a huge insight for myself around being ambitious.

I realized that I am expending a whole lot of wasted energy and compromising my own sense of alignment and peace by only letting my ambition and big dreams squeak out every now and again before I squash them back…for the sake of it’s “too much.”

It’s not spiritual to be ambitious.

Let’s just blow this baby up!

First of all, it’s such a disempowering thought. It immediately makes me feel constricted and tight and makes me want to dampen my light.

It’s always a good clue when there’s constriction energy that what you are thinking isn’t a truth.

How about you?

What are your thoughts and beliefs about being spiritual and ambitious?

Healthy ambition is about creating, expansion, using your gifts for good.

The universe is all about creative expansion! It’s built into the DNA of nature.

And we are a part of this beautiful universe…so we have a natural desire to want to expand.

Business and ambition aren’t good or bad.

It’s the choice to letting it be aligned with your values.

As I have been reclaiming my relationship with healthy ambition and letting it be seen and appreciated.

I feel more free, at peace and comfortable in my own skin.

Ambitious is a part of who I am.

I have big dreams. Big desires to make a difference.

Claiming it and living from my true self brings a sense of alignment – it’s like I can finally breath fully.

What about you? Are you secretly ambitious?

Where have you been holding back your big dreams because you’re thinking it’s not spiritual enough?