Marketing with LovingKindness

by Laura West

I want to share with you a video I recorded last year while on a river walk. I’m finding it extremely relevant now in light of the state of the world around us.

It’s about Marketing with LovingKindness.

LovingKindness is something I studied decades ago and still bring it into my life and business.

It’s about sending love to yourself, others in your life and the world. It’s embodying compassion, acceptance, seeing others beauty, and fierce love.

It’s a deceptively simple idea and yet extremely powerful.

Showing up and “marketing” from LovingKindness is about loving yourself enough to know you have something valuable to offer and being willing to reach out and ask how you can help others.

It is different from the traditional marketing teachings you get where they only talk only about number of sales calls you do.

You can show up in your vulnerability AND be strong while being loving, kind, generous and confident in your work (and value).

I talk more about Marketing from LovingKindness in this video. Please watch…

In the video I share how Marketing from LovingKindness is the premise the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge is built upon.

We are getting ready to do another challenge this week – only this one is for 11 days.

Making it very do-able and manageable. (We need some do-able and manageable these days, don’t we?)

The idea is super simple…

Every day for 11 days – reach out to someone and show you care. L

et them know… you’re curious about them. You see them. They matter and you want to find out how you can help them.

You’re willing to go first and be the leader.

Don’t you want to play with us for 11 days in the Fun Follow Up experiment?

Here’s where you can find all the juicy details!

We officially start this Wednesday so go ahead and get signed up.

I’ll give you some warmup videos and an idea-filled ebook of follow up ideas right away that will help you shift into a more powerful mindset for success!

Sending you lots of love, care and support!

PS: I pulled this program out because so many of my clients were asking for it. In this day of everything seeming to take more effort, they are yearning for simple, easy marketing that we can do together. You don’t have to go it alone. Join us for this fun daily success habit and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities you can stir up for your business and your life! Go here to join.

“The best part of doing Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Followup was how great it made me feel about networking.”

Margaret Eves“The best part of doing Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Followup was how great it made me feel about networking. I no longer felt weird or strange about getting in touch with people, because I was authentically reaching out. Laura provides a structure and ways to make follow-up easy and fun.
I started looking forward to doing my three followups. Another great result was I moved forward more quickly with ideas and things I wanted to accomplish. I gained confidence and momentum. Because I was talking about my desire to gain more experience working in archives, I discovered and was offered a Visual Archivist internship and got a job interview for an archival position. I moved forward in something I’d just been thinking about and doing Fun and Fabulous Followup supported my acting on it. I really liked having an accountability buddy, too. It was fun to hear about what others in the group were doing and discovering. Doing Fun & Fabulous followup is a healthy habit I will continue!”
–Margaret Eves,

Here’s that link again for how to join us! Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge.

It’s Baaaack!! Join Us for Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – Together!

I know each week brings a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges and opportunities these days – I hope you are doing well handling it all. Remember to keep breathing 🙂

Every Friday I like to take a few minutes and acknowledge my JoyFlow Sightings.

In other words… savoring what’s working in in my business and life.

What about you – Where’s the joy flowing for you?

Taking the time to appreciate where the goodness lives in your daily life is energy-shifting and connects you to your powerful heart energy.

Appreciation… is the same principle that is underlying the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge that’s coming up.

I’ve had so many people in the Joyful Business community asking for it to come back – so here we go!

The challenge is simple. You reach out and connect with 3 people every day.

This fun challenge we are doing together is for 11 days. Very doable.

Very easy. Very fun.

You can send people in your community good vibes, check in and be helpful, keep conversations moving, invite them to a conversation and be curious.

Do that every day for 11 days and see how your attitude, confidence and that feeling of being authentically connected will grow!

The best thing is we get to do it together! The accountability gives us rich connection, smart ideas, inspiration… and well, it’s just waaaay more fun together!

Here’s what one client has to say about Fun & Fabulous Follow Up…

“This program helped me break through all the stories I had been telling myself about how reaching out to follow up was awkward or a chore or too salesy, etc. it made it relaxing and fun. There ended up being great value in reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and made making new ones much less intimidating! Thanks so much!! I plan to keep it going.” –Carmen Angles Ekdahl,

You’ll receive all sorts of easy, authentic and inspirational ways to reach out and be in conversation with people who can help expand your business (and maybe you help them too.)

That’s really how things get done in our world… through conversations.

If this heart-based approach speaks to you then come join us in the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 11-Day Challenge.

We start Wednesday, October 14 with a kickoff call!

You’ll even get a cool tracking sheet to keep you focused each and every day! Just one of many helpful worksheets and tools you’ll receive.

Fun Followup

Let me know if you have any questions about the program by hitting “reply” to this email.

We have quite a fun group of business owners of all types from all around the world joining in! I hope you will too!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success!


Creative Marketing Inspiration

by Laura West

Chik-fil-a, an Atlanta based favorite, has launched a new initiative this holiday centered around time. Giving the gift of time. Spending time together. They created a cute animated movie about it. They have opened a Time Shop in NYC. Both in the shop and online you can get hand calligraphied cards to send to love ones to request Play Time, Giving Time… suggestions for making cinnamon rolls together and warm cuddly experiences. The cards are free and include postage. (There’s not even anything for sale in the NYC shop – no chicken sandwiches or anything.)

I wanted to share this with you for inspiration and ideas. Of course, they have a big giant ad budget to create this, but what would be your message? A powerful and yet simple message that you could share with your community?

For a year (back a couple of years ago) I created handpainted cards with simple inspiring messages and left then around town. In my doctor’s office waiting room, bathroom mirrors in restaurants, bulletin boards in grocery stores and as part of my tip after paying a bill. I know I changed some people’s days. I inspired new thoughts. I gave them a burst of confidence or optimism.

Maybe I wasn’t impacting millions of lives like Chik-fil-a… but who knows whose life I changed, because I shared my passionate message and took a risk? Maybe that person went home and talked to their kid differently, maybe they spoke to themselves more compassionately, maybe they passed their good vibes forward to a co-worker.

What’s your passionate message? Any ideas or inspiration about how to share it?