Today’s Infusion Words: Good Vibes.

Good Vibes


Today’s Infusion Words: Good Vibes. It’s so simple but often overlooked to just allow the good vibes around you to come into your life. The warm sun, beautiful blooms, happy smiles, lightness and love. How different is this moment when you acknowledge the good vibes?

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Today’s Infusion Words: Ask for Help!

Ask for Help



Today’s Infusion Words: Ask for Help! You don’t have to go it alone. Just ask! I had to remember that today when working on a project that is expanding me. I made a list of who might be able to share some wisdom and insights with me. The second person I asked was available and excited to help And we had the most amazing conversation that is leading to other possibilities!

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I’m A Guest Doodler!


Last week I was excited to be the Guest Doodler (who knew there was such a thing!) for a website based in Japan for English with Katie. 

Katie Adler is a full time voice over artist in Japan and she is also the creator of the website and programs called English with

Katie Adler & Laura West

Katie Adler & Laura West

Katie.  We have been working together as she creates programs to help teach the English language to the Japanese community.

Follow her creative inspiration, Katie added a new feature to her blog posting with a Friday Doodle-Dee-Do.  She doodles the lesson for the week or invites in a guest doodler (that was me!).

Here’s my InfoDoodle featuring the English with Katie lesson of the week:

InfoDoodle by Laura West

InfoDoodle by Laura West