Brand New Workshop… Doodling for Business and Fun!


ideasOK, you’ve been asking for it… here it is!

Announcing a brand new workshop…

Doodling for Business and Fun!

I have had many requests to teach the art of creating InfoDoodles. I’m finally ready to make it happen for you!

InfoDoodles are fun, creative and attention getting.

Not only that…

85% of us learn best through visual learning. That means Doodling will help you and your audience learn and remember!


Do you still use File Folders?


File Folder - Michele.Scism.blogFile folders. Do you still use them? I use them less but I still use them for clients and projects where I need notes when I’m traveling.

Just prepping for a conference in Houston where I’m creating InfoDoodle Murals for 3 days. Using these folders I found from Tuesday Morning – great deal for adding beauty into my work day! 

It makes such a difference to be surrounded by beautiful and creative office supplies.

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Plans in the works for a How To Create InfoDoodles Workshop

icon - idea taking off .blogwith orderYou’ve been asking….I’m listening!  Exciting strategy & planning happening…designing and planning my first How to Create InfoDoodles Workshop where I’ll teach how to create doodles to communicate information for your work and personal.

I’m meeting tomorrow about securing the workshop location here in Atlanta. Big smiles!

Stay tuned for details!

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