Critical Tools: 5 Ways to Take Back Your Power in These Crazy Shifting Times


How are you doing? I hope your week is going well. I know for me it’s been a bit of a tumultuous time. Not full blown upheavel but a rollercoaster of emotions – big ups and careening downs.

The outside influences of the last week of global atrocities, constant uncertainly in the world, being aware of conversations where people are feeling that the much of the world is starting to turn on our beautiful country, friends who are starting to fear international travel, whew, … add to it the full moon energy and a couple of planets in retrograde – wowsa!

In my personal space my son turned 16 last week. It’s definitely been a time of celebration of him moving into a new phase of independence AND I can’t help but notice a low level of sadness that took hold of me as my last child passes into this milestone. Being with the dualality of “I have more freedom” and “I’m not needed in the same way”. Ahhh… breathing through it.

Add to it an ongoing sinus infection that is really irritating me… I know that’s what sinus infections are all about in the emotional world – irritation. AND, I started working with an amazing acupuncturist and healer so I’m intending for things to shift.

All of this and business stuff too!

One bit of wisdom I am learning in my life journey is that there is always going to be “stuff” coming up. And nowadays the stuff comes fast and furious and we don’t have a lot of power over the stuff (circumstances, people, planets) happening around us.


How to find your joy in the midst of life’s challenges




As you know, I am all about the power of joy. I am a believer that when you are in your joy that you are more confident, creative, innovative, and committed. (And research studies agree!)

I also get that sometimes life or business throws you a curve.

And you lose your way to being in your joy.

Or, maybe you kinda feel like life is good but you are ready for great!

What to do?

Well, listen in as I talk about how to shift your energy, attention, attitudes and habits to those of expansion, beauty, love, abundance and yes, joy!

It’s all part of an upcoming tele-sumit hosted by my colleague Melanie Newman.

She will guide you through the experiences and knowledge of over 20 experts in the fields of self-growth, prosperity, relationships, business, and more. Receive not only knowledge but  practical tools  you can use immediately to help you on your path to joy. Along with all the knowledge and tools, you will also receive a free gift from each expert just for listening.

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