30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Featuring Wendy Kerr of CorporateCrossovers.com


As an executive coach, Wendy Kerr of CorporateCrossovers.com,  helps women who are ready to make the big leap from

Wendy Kerr of Corporate Crossovers celebrating her BBC Radio Interview

Wendy Kerr from CorporateCrossovers.com celebrates her 30 Day Passion Project Success!

their corporate career into crossing over into launching and running their own business!

In her 30 Day Passion Project,  Wendy’s goal was to deeply discover her passionate voice about this and share it more publicly.

She started by committing to creating a video series and through her consistent inspired actions and tapping into Flowmentum, what she created in the 30 days  was a huge big success!  Beyond just a video series…

Through being courageous, bold and committed Wendy attracted in interview with BBC Radio women! Over 9,000,000 million listeners! Without her 30 Day Passion project focus and inspired actions…this wouldn’t have happened!

This Passion Project success has moved her forward into the visibility spotlight and validated her passion-based business.  She’s finishing up her book that she’s now so inspired to publish as a result!

Great things happen when you commit to the power and focus of a creative Passion Project for 30 Days!

Look at how Wendy is absolutely radiating in the photo in front of BBC in the UK!

Are YOU ready to join this group with your Passion Project? Join us…it’s fun, creative and will change your biz! http://www.30DayPassionProject.com/

We start October 1st…details and registration at at: 30 Day Passion Project!

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Passion Project!

Sketchnotes featured on Plywood Blog

Jeff Shinberg and the Plywood People were excited about the illustrations I created for several of their speakers last week at the Plywood Presents conference here in Atlanta.

They featured all 7 of my sketchnote illustrations in their conference wrap up blog post.

I truly enjoyed the speakers and topics.  I’ve been thinking about my own programs and what can I help create and what problems can I help solve!

Here is a sketchnote illustration from Zack Arias, a photographer with a huge following.  He shares a great story about what it takes to really, truly create community.


Zack Arias

Here is another one I created for Danielle LaPorte:
Daniell LaPorte's sketchnote

You can see them all over at Plywood People!


Creative Business Studio – Video Tour – for Atlanta Area Entrepreneurs

This Friday I’m leading my 2nd Creative Business Studio in downtown Duluth, GA.

What are you doing with your Friday?

I know sometimes when I’m thinking about going somewhere new, it’s very easy to let other priorities get in the way, especially if I’ve never been before. So…

I thought I’d give you a virtual tour in this impromptu video of The Work Spot (where we’ll be Friday)…

… Get inspired… and come open up your expansive ideas with us!


Our location has an amazing creative vibe with cool artwork, lots of light, funky (in a cool, modern way) seating…I believe that beautiful environments SHIFT our thinking! (so you don’t have to work so hard!)

In this Creative Business Studio, we are playing with “right-brain creative meets left-brain practical.”

You might wonder if it PLAYING will REALLY help your business.


My goal is get you to shift perspectives, play with your imagination, explore “what if’s” and help you find your creative voice.

These are the magic ingredients that will SHIFT the growth of your biz!

I know it might be a little scary, but don’t worry. I’m fiercely gentle! 😉 Or is it gently fierce?

So, come out and see what creative business is all about this Friday!

You’ll be glad you did!

Creative Business Studio

Where we’ll be combining right-brain creative with left-brain practical!


Friday, August 24

9:00a – 12:00p

Downtown Duluth

Atlanta Area


Register now for the Creative Business Studio on August 24!


I really hope I get to see you Friday!