Video: How to Fall in Love with Your Business Again!


For some inspiration for your creative projects, I want to share my guest appearance on The Daily Huddle show this week.

It was a fun, inspiring and energy-giving experience. I talk about how to find your spark of joy and bring it into your business, so you find the energy, inspiration and possibilities in your business again.

Here’s the show:

Special thanks to Saurel and Giovanni – the Daily Huddle is obviously an example of a Passion Project for them!

Here’s something really cool and love-enhancing: They BOTH called me after the show to shower me with love and appreciation. They do that with all their guests. No sales. No comments about sharing the show. But it sure made me WANT to support their show and their success! (Great idea to Steal Like an Artist – and make it yours!)


PS: I gave away a special gift – Create Your Best Day Ever! Daily Journal Ritual and also an Abundance and Success Affirmations printable that you can hang by your tea or coffee maker to start your day off aligning your energy for the best day ever! Click here to get yours.

My Favorite Daily Abundance Affirmation

by Laura West

Daily affirmation

This is one of my favorite daily affirmations that I work with every day.

It’s based on an example from the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendrix.

Every one of us has a thermostat of how much success, love and abundance we are willing to allow in. Even though you say you want it, you have sneaky ways of sabotaging it.

I end my daily journaling with a variation of this affirmation every day. It reminds me to allow myself to receive more… and to inspire others! It’s the ultimate infinity loop!

You can use this affirmation to start each day. Sometimes I vary the words for what I want to be open to receiving more of. It is a powerful daily success ritual. Writing or speaking it will help you to align your energy and intentions for the day.

It’s a part of what I am sharing in my new online workshop this weekendAbundance and Success Rituals.

I’d love for you to join me. It’s going to be a small intimate group on zoom webinar where I’ll lead you through fun, easy and creative practices to open you up to more abundance, flow and success of all types for your business… and your life!

This is about developing daily practices and rituals to help you connect to your higher guidance for more clarity, aligning your energy and being open to the Universal Abundance Current.

The UAC is there all the time… it’s up to you to open up to the flow and allow it in so that you experience amazing insight, synchronicities, and inspired actions that help you expand your business with ease and excitement!

I hope you can join us online this Saturday for the Abundance and Success Rituals Workshop! Make sure you register by Friday – so go ahead and sign up so you have time to get your favorite journal and pens!

I can’t wait to share this with you and see how your energy shifts!


Scripting for Abundance and Success Workshop – This Weekend!

by Laura West

This is going to be SO powerful!

One of the ways you can get clarity, align your energy and tap into the Universal Abundance Current of flow and abundance is to join me in this new virtual workshop this weekend.

I’m excited to lead this new workshop for you! I’m finally sharing some of my own personal rituals and tools that help me live a creative life and fulfilling successful business.

It’s going to be a fun and rich experience. I’ll lead you through deep and yet easy virtual experience of visualizing and scripting. You’ll gain clarity, calling in intentions through your journaling and aligning your energy with the inspired actions that come to you from being in the flow.

This can change your whole trajectory for the year!

I find scripting is such a power tool when it comes to aligning your energy with the possibilities that are right there waiting to come to you.

You’ll be doing easy and fun short scripting exercises throughout the workshop with prompts and guidance from me all along the way.

You won’t want to miss this – So go ahead and check it out and get your spot!

You’ll open up so much clarity and feel deeply, deeply inspired to take the right next actions… 2020 will start unfolding with amazing opportunities coming to you!