Passion Project Idea: Good Feeling Chip Card Reader Alarms


Chip card reader

You know that sound at the checkout counter when you finish paying with your new chip card, that sound when the transaction is complete that makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong? You hurriedly grab the card just to stop the annoying sound.

What if…it made a sound like fireworks, birds chirping, or kids cheering you on? What if it made you smile?

Then I bet everyone would smile in return! How radical!

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Positive Emotions Make Us Better Problem Solvers

 I love this article and video from Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, a positive strategist. This is why I named my business, The Center for Joyful Business almost 16 years ago. We are more resourceful, can generate more and better solutions, and believe in those ideas when we come from a positive outlook. We can’t see any of it when we are in fear and doubt – we start closing down possibilities.

When have you been in a positive emotion and felt how you could dream, believe and create much more?

Positive Emotions Make Us Better Problem Solvers Video

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