Video: Your personal invitation & more for the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea



Just a quick note…

Today I’m on a plane heading out to San Francisco with my husband, Marc. It worked out beautifully that he has a workshop to lead right near where I am attending a workshop with Andrea Lee and company! So we get to spend a little romantic time in San Fran – where we actually met over 10 years ago.

A trip with a little romance & some business… the best of both worlds!

Yesterday (before I started packing and coordinating outfits for the week!), I created this video for you. It’s a personal invitation for you to take a look at my Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea program.

I’m so excited about this program and the women who are coming into the mastermind! I want you to know more about the program in case you think it’s the right time and the right fit to support your growth.

Watch this 5-minute video to get a better idea of what Courageous Creativity really means and why it should be important to every one of us. How it is THE thing that will shift your visibility, credibility, and help you attract the clients and opportunities you’ve been wanting.

Watch the video and then if you feel curious and moved, send me an email and ask for the Information Package. I’m happy to share it with you. (If nothing else, it will inspire you!)

Once you review the program in more detail, then we can set up a time for a phone call to find out if it’s truly the right program for you. (I’ve had several phone calls over the last week… and for some it’s the perfect thing they have been looking for. For others, it’s a bit premature or maybe the timing is off… that’s ok, I may have other programs that can support you.)

Oh, and by the way, the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea starts March 1st, and there are some early bird incentives (like saving $$) if you sign up by February 14th… so don’t wait!

I hope you enjoy the video – let me know if you have any questions or are ready to see more!


P.S. You know, I’ve been in business over 13 years now, and I’m still always looking for ways to grow and learn. I find that the more *I* grow, so does my business. That’s why I’m flying from the east coast all the way to the west coast to learn, grow, and meet new people at this event. I’m always looking for just the right thing that speaks to me and where my business is heading. Hopefully, the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind speaks to your journey as well! (You know who you are!!)

Where do you get your creative ideas? See the surprising answer in my video interview with Marnie Pehrson


I just have to share this fun, spontaneous video of me interviewing my friend and colleague, Marnie Pehrson of

I ask Marnie where she gets her ideas from and I bet she is going to surprise you with her answer!

Be warned… it will make you laugh! (Because we certainly are having fun laughing at our own collaba-tition!)

Seriously… this really is where creative ideas come from… all around us and each other!

Then we work on making ideas our own & making them even better!

And for those of you who are looking to be in a community where your creative ideas are supported, shared, championed and made even better, you might want to consider joining my Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea.

It’s a year-long immersion into unlocking your creativity,

giving it a channel to manifest in the world

and supporting you in nurturing this big dream alive…

all while honoring your authentic marketing style

and unique personal brand for showing up in the world!

If you’d like to find out more information about the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind, just send me an email and we’ll send you the information right away.

Then you can take a peek, salivate, feel your heart expand with possibilities and if it also lines up with where you are in your growth, then I’d love to set up a call to talk about the program in detail and see if it’s a right fit for you and your business.

You can create an amazing business that honors you, your work and your life!

Just email me and request the information package.

Looking forward to hearing about your creative business ideas!


PS:  If you are interested, don’t wait to ask for a consultation call… there’s lots of interest for this new kind of mastermind, and I want you to be able to get one of the spots in this intimate group!

A New Way of Doing Things – Lusciousness Below


As I’ve been working – playing, really! – with the design of my newest mastermind, Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea, I didn’t want to do the same ol’, same ol’ sales page with reams of copy that just go on and on and on…

I feel totally uninspired just thinking about that!

Because that’s not what this mastermind is about. We are breaking bad (so to speak!) and breaking out of the old marketing chains and doing things differently.

More creatively. Authentically. Bolder.

And with a heck of a lot more fun. (Aren’t you craving that?)

So I did what want I want to do… create, dream, play, inspired & found a playground to share it!

I went off to Pinterest and created an oh-so inspiring Pinterest board. I get all jazzed up just looking at the pins.

That’s what marketing is really all aboutgetting you to feelconnecting with your emotions and opening up your heart… and satisfying that lovely brain of yours, too!

Here’s a glimpse at many of the images I used on the board:



Isn’t it luscious?

Doesn’t it make you feel inspired just looking at the photos?


You can see the Pinterest board in action here.


Things are a changin’, and likewise, I’m shaking it up and doing it differently… I’m inviting you to do things differently too!

Starting right now.

I invite you to say a big bold YES to opening up and sharing your creativity and brilliant message in a whole new way.

And if you want more support in this and to immerse in a group of like-minded creative, passionate women on a mission… check out my new Courageous Creativity In Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea.

It’s easy to get more information and take the bold next step. Just email me, put “Mastermind Information Package” in the subject line, and we’ll get your Information Package right out to you!

Take a look, and if you are jazzed about what YOU see… let’s set up a time to talk about if this program is the right next step for you!

Here’s to doing things differently…