Creating from what is

Sending you a wave of gratitude and appreciation for being here in this community this year!

This photo has me thinking about 2020 and how this is the year of creating with “what is.”

Creating with not being able to be in person – means creating virtual experiences – more of them and in new ways.

Creating with uncertainty – means finding ways to look for what we most value and make sure that is the priority.

Creating with our concern and love is encouraging us be more present, reach out more often than usual to check in on our friends and family to see what they need and let them know they are not alone.

Creating with constant change has us focus on shorter term plans that we are whole-hearted committed to and willing to shift as needed.

Creating with a slow down energy – has us dancing with a slower way of creating what we most want.

Creating with worry and fear – has us leaning into each other in more vulnerable and real ways to help support each other with a deeper connection.

Creating with letting go – surrendering attachment to the past and expectations of how things “should” be and instead embracing our curiosity with what possibilities are right in front of us.

This Thanksgiving Holiday (and through the world) take time to look at what you have right nearby to create with.

Client Retreat with Elaine Alpert


Client Retreat with Elaine AlpertI love days with my clients! There is always this deep magic that unfolds throughout the day.

We focused on Elaine Alpert’s Mindpeace Miracles non-profit, streamlining current programs and exploring her new art + writing + healing + coaching program for moms surviving loss through suicide.

It’s going to be so powerful and it’s so needed. Oh and we focused on marketing essentials, her new podcast and fundraising opportunities and a powerful mindset to support her *shine*.

Wow what a day! I love what I get to do!

Client Retreat with Elaine Alpert

Client Retreat with Elaine Alpert

I’m Sweet on You!


I'm sweet on my clientsHappy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I just wanted to spread a little love around!

Please know… whether you are a private client, you’ve been in a program, bought a product or maybe you haven’t taken that step yet and you’re just enjoying all things Joyful Business… I appreciate YOU!

It’s not for the faint of heart to ask for, allow in and receive joy in your business. It flies in the face of convention and what we were taught about business, that is for sure.

You are brave and courageous for daring to believe that business can be an act of love, a source of joy and a way to create ripples of positivity in the world. I know what you have to offer does that!

We have a special community here and I enjoy pouring the love on!

I hope that today (and every day) is filled with signs of delight, joy and love!