Creative Planning Cycle Module

If you are like me, then you love creative ideas! The problem is there is only so much time for all those great ideas. I’ve learned some clever techniques for how to get the creative mind to settle down.

Welcome to the Creative Business Planning Module!

I’m going to warn you – I LOVE Creative Business Planning!  Not just business planning – I did that for years.  I’ve literally helped create, review and approved 1000’s of business and marketing plans in my corporate days as a Vice President of Marketing for shopping centers.

This is a new way of approaching planning that incorporates the logical left brain plans, goals and organization along with the creative brainstorming, ideation, beauty, and Flowmentum(tm).

We also use lots of colorful sticky notes, calendars, markers, pens, mindmaps and whatever else gets you inspired about planning ideas into action!

Take a look at this video as I introduce Creative Business Planning and the 10 Phases.