Creative Planning Cycle Phase 3 – Visioning the New Year


Visioning doesn’t happen while sitting at your computer – so #1 – get out of your office for this part!

Go to a cafe, walk in nature, go on retreat…change up your environment so you can get into the inspirational possibility energy.

I also like to put on a little instrumental music.  I love Deva Premal’s Essence CD – it’s a lovely chant and I can plan, vision and brainstorm for hours!

Once you create your inspiring environment then you want to create a vision of your new year.  To make it a little easier I’ve included a short “Fill-in-the-Blank” Vision Story.  It will lead you through the process in a very natural path.

Your Vision Story will help guide you through the year…and remind you of what you are really up to!

Download your My Vision Story here.


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