Creative Planning Cycle Phase 2 – Review & Celebrate



At the end of each year – before you dive into planning a whole new year – take some time to reflect over the past year and celebrate your successes.

This is an important step not to be breezed by!

We so often only think about what we haven’t done or are focused on the next thing that we rarely take time to appreciate what we have accomplished. 

Come up with a creative way to write down and acknowledge your successes for the year:

  • The accomplishments
  • The unexpectedly opportunities
  • All the programs, products, and marketing you did create,
  • The clients and customers you served,
  • How you juggled and enjoyed life at the same time,
  • Who you were being during a growth period or a tough time.


You might capture this in a mindmap, or get creative with crayons, paints and markers to celebrate your successes!


Appreciation, celebration & acknowledgement

are strong foundations to build on for new ideas!



Make this a yearly ritual to review & celebration your successes!


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