Tapping into Your Intuition for Greater Clarity, Confidence and Creativity in Your Business

Every day you are faced with making decisions in your business. You are looking over your year and planning the next program you want to offer your clients. Do I launch it in this month or that month? Do I support it with this marketing strategy or do I use that one? Which virtual assistant do I hire? We search for information, ideas and resources outside of us and then at some point you have to bring it inside and make your own decision. This is where a well developed sense of your intuition to support your decisions is critical to your success.

It’s great to gather information, but to know what is right for you at this time is up to you. Consciously tapping into your intuition will build up your “muscle” of using your intuition for greater clarity and more confidence in your actions, and opens up a wealth of creative inspirations.

Intuition isn’t something you turn off or on in your business – it’s always available to you. It’s about practicing to open up the connection with your higher self so that you have access to the nuances of intuition and how it shows up for you. For each person, the experience is different. For some the wisdom and inspiration shows up in signals in their body – tingling, openness, lightness - for others it’s a visual flash or a dream.

Since it’s such a unique experience it helps to know how to work with your intuition on a daily basis so you can develop a trust in this guidance. It will serve you in your business as you grow bigger and the growth starts to happen faster.

Here are 7 steps to help you hone your intuitive sense:

1. Stop

This simple one word is the place to start in understanding your unique intuitive guidance experience. You have to stop being on auto-pilot and looking “out there” for more information. Stop and decide to tap into your guidance.

2. Notice

By observing your body, your energy, and your nudges/godwinks/urges/ideas you’ll start to attune to the way intuitive guidance comes to you. It is different for each of us so you’ll want to practice this each day. Notice if you get information in your gut, your heart, throat, shoulders. Your body is very communicative and will send you signals for the direction that is in alignment for your highest good.

3. Shift Your Energy

I find that it can be hard to tap into my intuitive guidance when I’m sitting at my desk. Moving your body which moves your energy will get your guidance flowing. Sitting at your desk, staring at the computer and forcing the answer to your next step is a sure way to choke off your breath and therefore, your flow to guidance. Even doing simple things like going outside to get the mail, taking a nap or a shower or even just drinking a glass of water will loosen up the flow of inspiration.

4. Ask for the Answer

As you get in movement and shift your energy, ask a question. If I’m sitting at my desk trying to force the theme of the next article I find it helps to ask for what wants to be written. I’m amazed at how I get inspired answers on the way to checking out the mail! Just the power of walking helps – and you need to be clear in your question so your higher self knows what you want to focus on.

5. Let Go

After you ask – then you let go. This step may seem counter-intuitive but actually it’s about not forcing it. Sometimes when writing I just need to let go of the “perfect article” and just start typing…just let go and let it flow. Often I find I will write a question in my journal before I go to sleep and then let it go. My subconscious has a way of working the answer out to the forefront and I usually get it while in the shower. We’ve all heard about those powerful “shower thoughts”!

6. Choose Your Endorsement

You get to choose which thought you are going to endorse or support. If you are like me, you ask – well, is this the RIGHT answer? Here’s where you get to develop your sense of trust. You get to choose what feels right in this moment and take the next step. There are many paths to get to where you want to go in your business and there truly isn’t one magical way. So, asking for guidance, letting go and choosing to endorse the answer that comes is very freeing. Let go of finding the one final right answer and go with what feels right in this moment. It will lead you somewhere and you can take action from that new place.

7. Trust It

Many times my clients will wonder if this is their intuition at work. Only you can decide that it is your intuition. Just trust it is and it makes it so. Believing is powerful energy and draws to you opportunities and people just from your conviction. Wavering or scattered energy gets mixed and confusing results. Trust your guidance and watch the impact and power.

Bonus: My bonus recommendation is to remember to “practice.” Intuition is powerful but it’s not something you can just turn on. It takes practice to develop your attunement to your guidance and practice to trust it and put it into practice.

By developing your sense of your intuitive guidance system and trusting the inspired actions which result, you will soon feel a deep sense of clarity and confidence and will be able to tap into the creative flow that is always available to you. This inner skill is what successful business owners have relied on for years – in spite of all the information in the world.


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