Who is in YOUR Support Tribe?

Have you heard the saying, “You are as successful as the 5 people closest to you?” Many business owners wonder why they aren’t more financially successful or are having a tough time keeping a positive mindset when it comes to growing their business. Ask yourself, Do you have the right “Support Tribe” to champion you and your vision? If not, it’s no wonder you are frustrated or feeling alone with your dreams and business vision.

In order to flourish with ease, grace and fun ..and a whole lot quicker…you need to have “Support Tribes” in several areas:

  • Positive mindset
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Money & wealth

Notice those people closest to you in your business and among your family and friends. Do they support a positive and creative mindset? I hear from creative entrepreneurs, especially women business owners, that those closest to them don’t always support their view on life. It can be very frustrating and even depressing if you are focused on possibilities and creating a positive impact on the world through your business and those around you are coming from scarcity and dash your dreams! In the first couple of years in my business my dad consistently asked me every time he saw me, “Are you making any money yet”? No questions about my marketing strategies, my systems, my teams, or how the creation of my new product was coming along. He just focused on the money because that is what he knew to ask…and he didn’t realize that comes after you get some of the other pieces in place.

I am asked frequently – “do I have to ditch my friends and family? That’s not what I want to do!” Of course not. What you want to do is put your focus on what you want more of…people who are supporting your dreams and looking at the world from a “yes” perspective! You will start to attract more of them into your life. And, remember you don’t have to share your most sacred dreams with those who may not understand and be able to support them – that’s why you consciously want to attract a positive Support Tribe.

What about a Support Tribe for your lifestyle choices and values? Who are those 5 closest people who you share your lifestyle with? This is about who you are being in your life and what you are doing with your time. Have you grown out of some of your friends? Maybe as you’ve grown, matured, or your life has changed you no longer want to live your life like you used to and want to make some changes. It could be anything from how you spend your time, wanting to party less or “partying” looks different than 10 years ago, wanting to travel more often, the way you choose to raise your children, or it could be making healthy choices. You want people to support you in those choices and not pull you back into your “old ways” of living. Again, this isn’t about judging others…it’s about being conscious of who is around you impacting your energy and dreams.

Who is in your circle of business girlfriends? (or guy friends) I find I rely heavily on my close business girlfriends to talk over marketing strategies, building a team, making decisions and most of all, I need their support as I step into my vision in a bigger, and more visible way. Not many people at the bus stop or the gym might understand this, so you want to look for a mastermind group or a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand how exciting it is when you make a big sale or get a big client and they get what it means to put your first video on YouTube! They will celebrate with you and be there to help you move to the next level. So much more is possible with business girlfriends who get you!

Next, look at your Money & Wealth Support Tribe. Among the 5 people closest to you – do you ever talk about money? Is it from an abundance perspective or is it with an edge of scarcity and the sky is always getting ready to fall? If you have hit a ceiling in your financial growth in your business then you need to purposely surround yourself with people who will help you grow in the areas of abundance, success mindset, and tangible business strategies and revenue models. This is one of the biggest areas that most women entrepreneurs lack – any real conversation about money, sales, revenue and profit. If you aren’t having these conversations regularly and openly then it’s time to find a community where you can and do! It will do more to open your mind, shift your intentions and support inspired actions that will directly impact your bottom line.

One last note, your Support Tribes are not just about what you get from them. The circle of life is about “giving and receiving.” The most supportive and powerful tribes are those where you can give freely and without attachment and you are expected to receive. You need the flow of both energies to really have a tribe that is sustainable and successful. If one person is always giving and never receiving then it makes the energy & flow of the tribe unbalanced and it will fall apart soon. And vice versa…

Now, what are you noticing in your life and business as far as your Support Tribes? What type of supportive tribe member would you like to attract? Write down one intention for who you want to attract and in what area. Then note what would be possible for you – what would be different. Notice who comes into your life!


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