Are Your Growing Your Business from Scarcity or Abundance?

As a solo entrepreneur, your mindset and energy are the most important resources in growing and running your business. If you are thinking small, feeling doubtful or you don’t have energy behind your programs and services, then your growth will be small -if you grow at all. In fact, creating programs and new services when you are thinking small or are mired in limiting beliefs is a sure way to create the very thing you are worried about – failure!

It’s vital to your success that you create from abundance.

Here’s an example of what I mean. One of the big programs I am launching this year is a 3 day workshop. It is my first workshop where I will be the host and leader and I’ll invite a select few other speakers to present who are in alignment with my joyful business message. Part of my purpose is to step more in the spotlight with my visionary message of lifestyle entrepreneurs having a business that is “holistically joyful” in every way. This is a big leap for me in being seen and inviting people into my community beyond the virtual gatherings of teleclasses and into real life events.

I know to be successful I need to partner with other successful people who can support my efforts. I met on the phone with a person who was potentially going to help me with the event. The vulnerable part of this conversation (and what I know to be true for many of you) is this… in the conversation, I noticed my energy was tentative and I was more worried about NOT filling the event than filling it. I kept thinking that I need to hold the event in my hometown of Atlanta because it was easy access even though none of the hotel locations were inspiring me. Needless to say I didn’t get very far in my event planning.

Fast forward to the next week. I realized that I was trying to create from scarcity. My workshop felt huge and my creativity, inspiration and confidence felt small. In creating from a fear place I was feeling very little personal power to enroll people to come to an in-person workshop.

I knew I needed to shift my “come from” place. What if I was coming from abundance? What would THAT look like? For a few minutes I let go of any limiting concerns that were having me think small. I stepped into my “audaciously savvy business women” embodiment. I made a list of the type of launch and event partners I desired, the amazing speakers I wanted to partner with and what a beautiful transformative experience and environment I would be sharing with my attendees – without a care of money, time, effort, or availability. Talk about an energy shift!

The next person I spoke with about the workshop tapped into my abundance, the beauty of the experience I wanted to provide and the possibilities. She helped bring the workshop alive! In fact, at the end of our conversation I had totally shifted from “I want to host this workshop in a safe place so I won’t fail” to “I can’t wait to tell everyone about this amazing experience I am creating for their success!”

Which intention sounds more engaging and enrolling? Nothing shifted in my resources as far as time, money or ability. What shifted was creating FROM abundance! It allowed me to step into my honest full-hearted desire and from there…anything was possible!

You can bet I’m on fire about this workshop and that my excitement and enthusiasm is engaging and enrolling! Suddenly filling the workshop seems easy! Of course, I know I’m partnering with the right mentors and support team but the real key to success was starting first with “creating from abundance.”

What is your next project, program or information product you want to create and launch? Imagine you have a magic wand and you could create and launch your project any way you wanted. Let yourself dream…What would be different? What would happen that would have you giggle with delight? What would be included in your project that would make it fantastic? Whose help would you enroll that would make it easy and joyful?

Feel your energy surge and your inspiration ramp up! Now what is your first bite-sized step? Take it this week!

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