When Was the Last Time You Fell in Love
with Your Business?


Have you been in business for a few years and suddenly you aren’t feeling the love?
Have you hit a plateau of growth?
Maybe you are just tired of the same conversations with your clients?

What do you do? Chuck it all and move to the Caribbean? (You probably would have done that if you could!)

Seriously, do you find a new business and start over or ??

Here are 5 ideas for how to infuse new life in your business and discover what’s next – and, at the same time, fall back in love with your business.

  1. Ask your business what it needs. Yes, I’m serious. Talk to your business. Sit down with a journal or your laptop and have a conversation, just like you are interviewing your business. What is working? What is not working? Where has the life dribbled out? Where does it want to go? What is secretly exciting you in your business but you’ve been holding it back or holding it small?
  2. Go on a creative business retreat. It’s really hard to grow, evolve or move your business to a new place when you are in the same routine. Schedule some time to get out of your home office, your outside office (if you have one), and even your life if you can. It will do more to open up new ideas just from being in a new environment. You’ll meet new people, feel different energy, and new possibilities will reveal themselves.
  3. Take a current program or product or launch and give it a new twist. Instead of reinventing your whole business, how about re-invigorating just a part? If you are getting ready to launch another program or relaunch a product, what could you do differently to make it more interesting, more fun, more creative? Brainstorm a list: “If I were more creative/risk-taker/bold, I would do these 10 things…” Then pick 5 and step in!
  4. Talk to your mastermind or business girlfriends. Ask for their help. What do they see as potential for you? What are your strengths? What would they like more of? What help do you always give them and how can you put that into your business? What is it that you do brilliantly?
  5. Hire a great business coach. It’s really hard trying to grow your business alone. Hiring a business coach who resonates with your style of business will give you fresh perspectives, will help a new project be easier, and will re-infuse your business with new life. It’s crazy to figure it out yourself! Smart business owners know that another’s perspective is invaluable and another’s experience will make the growth happen so much easier and quite frankly, it’s more fun!

Follow these steps and watch your business open up, and you’ll absolutely fall back in love.


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Laura Howard West is a certified professional coach, writer, speaker and the President and Chief Creative Officer of The Center for Joyful Business. She is the creator of The Joyful Business Guide™, a business attraction system blending law of attraction principles with smart business designed for solo-entrepreneurs and business owners.

Laura is also a contributing author to the book, Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs and has been a contributing writer for Motto magazine, Inside Gwinnett newspaper, and Connections, a publication for image consultants.Laura also publishes an award winning blog, Café Entrepreneur and a bi-monthly ezine, Joyful Business. Visit our website for your free Business Attraction Success Kit at www.JoyfulBusiness.com.

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