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Recently I was named the Attraction Marketing Expert at IdeaMarketers.com. Stepping into that "expert" role publicly has me thinking about Attraction Marketing and what is it, really?

Some people might think that it's all about the woo-woo…visualizing on your couch and waiting for clients to show up at your door. There's more to it than that! Here are a few of my thoughts about the essence of Attraction Marketing.

First and foremost, Attraction Marketing requires that you be aware. Consciously aware of the type of business you want to create and grow. It's about aligning on the inside with what you are creating on the outside. The starting place on the inside is looking for your joy. Purpose is all about giving away your personal joy! (yes, it can be that simple…not always easy…but it is simple) Being really crystal clear in your business and life vision story will align your energy behind what you are creating in your business. For example, I often get opportunities to travel for speaking engagements. My vision includes a limited amount of travel to places I love to speak to people I love. So I don't accept just any speaking invitation because it takes me away from my family. This really shifts our routine and so I have to really want to be with this group of people for me to travel - or my family comes along! My vision is also crystal clear that I love speaking virtually and so I pursue opportunities that align with what I really want.

Owning a business is about serving other people and honoring your joy by making great money….so you can grow, your business grows and your impact in the world grows. Growing and expanding is the healthy natural cycle of things in the universe. It totally shifts your perspective about making a profit in your business, doesn't it? This is an area that is ripe for a mindset shift with most creative entrepreneurs I know. As a passion-based business you tend to love what you do and can sometimes (often?) feel guilty about making money let alone a profit. What if you look at it as it really is? It's healthy to make a profit, it's healthy to know that money is coming in as a result of you tranforming lives with your business. The money is a sign that you are reaching people!

Attraction Marketing is daring to own your own special gifts. You do have them. You have a unique style of bringing your work into the world. There are people out there who can only hear what they need to hear from you! Attraction Marketing is not about backing down and being modest. It's about stepping into your greatness because when you step into this powerful place opportunities, synchronicities, and all sorts of help truly show up. And so do the clients, media opportunities and speaking events! People want to work with confident and successful people. This has been the hardest area for me in the evolution of my business and I know it's the one of the biggest growth areas for my clients. Owning your greatness so that you can create the best experience for others! As Marianne Williamson is often quoted, "It is not our darkness that frightens us, but our brilliance."

Knowing we are all connected in this great big world, Attraction Marketing is also knowing that when you create products and services that better other people's lives and you deliver it with consciousness- you are creating a positive ripple throughout this planet. All positive energy is more powerful than 10 negative media ads! :)

Attraction Marketing is about a new model for business. We've already seen what "working hard, with your nose to the grindstone" does to the planet and quite frankly, to your insides! Stress related illnesses abound from overworking. A new business model is called for that includes what we've talked about above and includes working with teams. You don't have to struggle alone in your business (that's not very attractive is it?). Working with others who are fantastic at what they do is another way of helping others be successful. Connecting with powerful mastermind groups is a collaborative model for success.

You may be surprised to find that taking action is a big part of Attraction Marketing. Not just any 'ol action and not just a whole bunch of actions, but "inspired and aligned actions." Again, point back to your joy. Aligning with your joy of writing or speaking is a way to align with marketing actions. Aligning your inspiration of connecting with people face to face is going with the flow of your natural marketing strategies.

Working with Attraction Marketing is not for the faint of heart. It means you have to be willing to expose your heart. Be vulnerable, open and aware, and be willing to put your brilliant self in the spotlight to be of service. The rewards are great for your soul, your heart, your clients, and your pocketbook!

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