Would You Treat Your Really Good Friend the Way You Treat Your Money?

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We women business owners tend to ignore money. As conscious creative women, we typically start businesses with the thought that goes something like this: “I want to express myself and share my gifts so I can help others and make the world a bit better… and wouldn’t it be nice to make some money while I’m at it too!”

The sticky problem is that money is a powerful tool in our business. It is what we need to make more of so we can stay in business. It’s the result that allows us to fund our lives and our dreams. When you ignore it or don’t put any attention on money except when you’re in a bind, then you are feeding the UNimportance of money.

I know you get attraction principles and you know that energy flows where your attention goes. So, there’s your answer to why you aren’t making the money that you would like to make.

Here’s an easy way to start shifting your thoughts and put your attention on money in a way that is easy, graceful and innately powerful.

Start treating money as if it was a REALLY GOOD FRIEND.

How would you treat a really good friend? You wouldn’t ignore your friend, would you? You wouldn’t put yourself down and say that you are a loser and a failure because you didn’t take your friend to lunch and pay attention to them, would you?

A really good friend knows you love them.

Here are five simple ways to treat money as you would a good friend.

  1. GirlfriendsSay “I Love You. I Care About You.”

    Yes, say this to your money just like you would a really great friend. If you are constantly feeling like money is a big Pain in the A**, why would money hang around you? (Really, ya’ know?) Start allowing yourself to believe that money is worth caring about. Money helps you live an extraordinary life… it pays for massages, allows you to buy a bouquet of springtime flowers, plan summer vacations and college graduation gifts. Loving your money (and we are talking about loving in a healthy way, not an obsessive, stalker way) is the start to shifting your relationship with money, and ultimately it will draw more money into your life and business.

  2. Make a Lunch Date

    You make time for a really good friend. It’s fun to go to lunch with a good friend and just catch up, support one another and hear the updates about each other’s lives. So…. make a date with your money. Schedule time in your calendar to pay attention to your money. Because you care about your money, you are willing to make some time to nurture it. Make time to catch up – pay your bills, see where you are year-to-date, or calculate your product sales. Taking back your power in this way around your money will feel good… just like it does when you keep that date with a friend.

  3. Celebrate Successes

    You love to celebrate the successes of a really good friend. You happily send a card or flowers or at least call to acknowledge her good fortune. Do the same with your money successes. Celebrate when you get a new client, pay off a credit card, finish paying off the car, or sell a new product! You wouldn’t ignore it and say it’s not enough; you would love it no matter how big or small the win! When you celebrate and appreciate, you are telling the universe that it brings you joy. And the universe always wants to bring you more joy!

  4. Trust Your Relationship

    You wouldn’t fret over trying to get a really good friend to like you. You wouldn’t say, "Please come over here and like me! Sit by me, sit by me!!" You wouldn't be desperate about trying to attract this really good friend. She already is your friend. You would just trust she is your friend. She knows you and believes in you. So, trust that money is your friend. Allow the feeling of being good friends with your money. Each time you pay a bill or even think about a bill or making money, allow yourself to feel what it would be like to be really good friend with your money. It will open you up to receive even more good things.

  5. Give Encouragement

    Would you tell your really good friend that she is a failure and she sucks at what she does? Of course NOT! That’s what I hear from many of you that you do to yourself around making money. No wonder money isn’t flowing! I mean, who would stick around in that kind of environment! Take a deep breath…. what IF you encouraged money gently to blossom? What if you supported a courageous move? What if, like a good friend, you gave your money a fiercely loving kick in the skirt! What if you said positive whispers of love, compassion and championing about making money, handling your money and paying bills? Can’t you already feel that there are whole new possibilities?

These are not your typical strategies for making more money in your business. There is only being open to more prosperity coming in and trusting that you are a good steward of your financial success. These tools will open you up to this.

Which strategy are you willing to commit to?

Try practicing it for two days and see what happens. Feel free to drop me a note on Facebook or an email and let me know how it goes!

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