Sexy Systems for More Success In Your Business

I know...why the catchy title?  Well, it's kind of obvious..."systems" sounds pretty boring on its own.

 Here's what I know when you feel sexy?  Ok, I know you are up to your elbows in dishes from all the family visits, leftover turkey recipes and bored kids ...but somewhere in there, you know what I'm talking about...there are moments (maybe even days) where you just feel good....your energy is grounded, the ideas are flowing and everything is bumping along smoothly. You are feeling good and your walk shows it, your smile sparkles and your confidence is high!

That's where the systems come in...having systems which support your daily activities really makes things flow with little effort.  It feels sexy! You feel confident, things flow, you have ample energy because you aren't pulled down by particle details because they are being handled.

 Here are some of my top tips for Sexy Systems for More Success in Your Business!

  1. Do it all Shopping Cart -  (feel free to put your 1shoppingcart affiliate link in here) You can take orders online....which increases the easy flow of products, services and money.  You can manage your subscribes and unsubscribes on autopilot.  You can set up automatic email reminders called autoresponders for teleclass reminders, follow up on calls, announcements, etc... you write them, schedule them and let them go from your mind!

  2. Never Forget a Birthday Again! Birthday Alarm -  This is an easy way to remember my clients, colleagues and friends birthdays.  You can load them into the Birthday Alarm system and set reminders.  They will email you two weeks or two days ahead of get to set it up. You don't have to be afraid that you missed a special occasion to celebrate!

  3. Easy flow of money! PayPal - This system has a reputation for being difficult sometimes but I've seen it shift and has become much easier to use.  When you want to be able to pay a vendor by credit card (because you want to manage your cashflow) or make it easy for a client to pay for your services by credit card (death to a sale will happen if they have to go get an envelope, a stamp, write a check AND go to the mailbox!).

  4. Pay Your Bills Online - What did we ever do before this?  It is so great to line up the bills and appreciatively pay those bills.  Check your bank and see if they offer this option. It's so much better than paying online at each different utility company - you can set them all up on one page!  It does make the "painful" part of paying bills a bit more joyful because it's so easy! Truly!

  5. Save for Taxes, Education, Fun Money!  Another online banking system I love is ING.  This is strictly an online banking service - no checks, no physical locations, no ATM's.  You can set up as many accounts as you like.   This helps you  save and put aside money for special reasons. The best part is that because they don't have all those expenses like a regular bank they actually pay a better return. Your Inner Financially Savvy Business Woman will appreciate that!

  6. Set up your Signature in Outlook (or other address book) - It's easy to set up your signature in your email. This is one of those tips that you need to do to be professional.  Set it up once to save you time.  You can set up several depending on who you are emailing.  On your professional email you can make sure you have your phone number and website, and even a short announcement about a new product or teleclass.  It's frustrating to receive an email from someone and all they have is their first name as a signature and you don't have a clue who they are!  It's easy to confuse their message with a spam note if there's no identifying information.

  7. Get Some Office Help! Virtual assistants are wonderful!  There are so many different types of professional and talented people who LOVE to do the things that I don't know how to do very well or can help me do the details to keep the business running smoothly while I'm out there building the business. Like billing, presentations, web design or upkeep, list management, affliate program management, etc..  I personally love Assist U for finding qualified assistants.  They are trained by the Assist U company and you can input your criteria to find the right match. It's really wonderful to be a solo-entrepreneur and NOT have to do it alone!  In fact it's SMART!

  8. Organize & Energize Your Business IdeasThe Joyful Business Guide and the Daily Tools You know that you have been there...with business ideas on napkins, in files, on sticky notes and paper everywhere. It's really nice to have a central place to refer to remind me you what you're up to - the short term and the long term. It's inspiring and energizing - and we know that those two energies are ideal for attracting more of what we really want!

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