Are You in One of These Marketing Resistance Categories?


In my work with thousands of heart-centered small business owners (mainly coaches, consultants, speakers and authors), I find many of them resist the idea of marketing. It’s a love/hate relationship. You know you should market yourself, but you hate the idea of promoting yourself. You have a belief that somehow you’re “selling out” or compromising your integrity if you promote yourself boldly.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, something definitely needs to shift if this is how you feel. If you don’t shift, it will keep your business small, and it will keep you from getting the recognition you deserve and the financial success to keep your business growing. Most of all, your work won’t reach as many people and transform as many lives. This is all too common of a sad business story with brilliant heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Are you in marketing resistance? Which one describes you, or are there several?

  1. The M-word – You so dislike the idea of marketing that you can’t even say the word. I had a client who initially called it the “m-word.” (Good news – within a couple of months she sent me her vision board with a big message in the middle “I LOVE MARKETING”!) If this is you, then you might think that in marketing, you are “doing” something “to” people – that you are trying to sell them something against their will. Ick!

    SOLUTION: To get over this hurdle, it's time to shift your mindset about marketing. Marketing is really about building relationships, not doing something sneaky or underhanded. If you are marketing with authenticity, integrity and from a place of being of service, then you are bettering people’s lives. You are giving them a gift when you let them know about your services and programs. Think about how much better their lives will be with the product/service you have to offer. Who are you to NOT offer your services? Why would you want to keep your services a secret?

  2. Don’t Know – If you are in this category, you may not know what to do when it comes to marketing. You might do a little marketing here and a little there, but overall you really aren’t sure what to do or where to start.

    SOLUTION: It’s time for you to dive deep into some Inner Research first. Really get to know your strengths and passions so you know which marketing strategies are right for you. You also want to be clear about your business vision. You don’t need (or even want) to use every marketing strategy. Start with the ones that align with your strengths and will get you to your vision using the easiest and more authentic route. Then commit to learning about and implementing those marketing strategies.

  3. Overwhelmed with Ideas – This is you if you have lots of ideas and you are trying to implement several marketing ideas at one time. I see this often with creative entrepreneurs. Maybe you are blogging a little here… you have a website up…. you’ve got a little social networking going…. a little speaking-- but nothing is really working strongly for you. The problem here is that “scattered energy gets scattered results.” You may also be guilty of “free teleclass-itis” – you sign up for lots of free teleclasses on various marketing strategies but never go deep enough into one strategy to implement and master.

    SOLUTION: You need to align with your Authentic Marketing Style and market using your strengths, gifts, passions and unique style. And then FOCUS on one marketing strategy. Make it big. Set up systems for it to be consistent and easy. This is what gets the results you want!

  4. Half Committed – If you are in this group, then you are still thinking of yourself as a coach or consultant and not as a business owner. What’s the difference? You do a little marketing, and then you focus on your clients and drop the marketing ball. Once there’s a lull in your clients, you pick back up on your marketing strategies. The roller coaster in time, energy and income here is painful!

    SOLUTION: It’s time to shift your thinking to come from the place of being a business owner (or what I like to call Business Goddess). A business owner sets up systems and team in place so that her business is always marketing even when she’s off with clients or on vacation! This takes your business from a small place to a visible, credible, and successful business.

It’s time to drop the old stories and beliefs about marketing. They aren’t serving you, your business, or your potential clients. Dare to line up your marketing efforts with your authentic marketing style of your joy, passions and strength. Watch your business soar!


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Laura Howard West is a certified professional coach, writer, speaker and the President and Chief Creative Officer of The Center for Joyful Business. She is the creator of The Joyful Business Guide™, a business attraction system blending law of attraction principles with smart business designed for solo-entrepreneurs and business owners.

Laura is also a contributing author to the book, Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs and has been a contributing writer for Motto magazine, Inside Gwinnett newspaper, and Connections, a publication for image consultants.Laura also publishes an award winning blog, Café Entrepreneur and a bi-monthly ezine, Joyful Business. Visit our website for your free Business Attraction Success Kit at

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