An Interview with My Inner Business Goddess About Sales ofPages!


I recently interviewed my Inner Business Goddess and asked her about what she wanted to say about creating sales pages for women who are marketing their businesses online. (If you’re reading this, then, that’s YOU!)

We often resist traditional marketing methods because they just don’t feel good or we feel we‘re losing ourselves and what’s important to us in those methods. It’s time for a new way of marketing, and I’m going to let my Inner Business Goddess lead the way with a basic marketing tool like sales pages.

Here’s the wisdom my Inner Business Goddess wants to share with you…

Sales pages and a related cousin, sales letters, are fantastic marketing tools to help you connect to your inner wisdom, your creativity and your “people.” That means it’s not about doing a sales page. It’s about connecting. Connecting with your deeper message about how you can help your clients. Connecting with your creative expression and letting it show up in your business for the sake of waking people up and engaging them! And, finally, connecting with your ideal people, your tribe, whom you are meant to serve.

It’s through sales pages that you can build trust and create a strong bond with your tribe, share information about your programs and products, and make more money in your business any time of the day while you are off doing other things. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Often, complaints that sales pages are too manipulative, too long, too boring… These are just excuses to NOT market and to stay SMALL.

It doesn’t have to be that way… not when your Inner Business Goddess creates your sales page. You can make sales pages engaging, interesting, beautiful, and fascinating to the right audience. And compel them to take action because they believe you can help them with their situation, problem, fear, or pain.

I did the very thing I’m telling you to do – I listened deeply to what my Inner Business Goddess wanted to say about sales pages. And that’s what I’m asking you to do – tap into your own Inner Business Goddess. It’s much easier to take inspired action from that inner place of strength and knowing.

There are three keys to tapping into your Inner Business Goddess when creating sales pages:

1.) Don’t Start by Writing. First, you have to align your energy. You don’t do this sitting at your computer. You do this first by shifting from stale, closed, slow energy to one that’s faster, open to possibilities, and connected to that deeper wisdom. To do this you need to shift your energy. You can move, dance, sing, do karate moves, yell, meditate, cook, paint, garden… let yourself go into that expansive flow. It might only take two minutes, but it will shift everything you do later in front of your computer, and it will be more impactful and powerful. (Yes, my Inner Business Goddess is aware that it’s a highly unusual way of starting a sales page, but trust her. How is the “traditional” way working for you, anyway?)

2.) Connect to Your Tribe. You have to let go of trying to please everyone. Who cares about what EVERYONE thinks of your page? Your product or program isn’t meant for all people. Only the ideal client you are meant to serve. Imagine engaging your ideal client who will enjoy and benefit from your product or program. Who is this person? What is her real life pains and real dreams? Write to her. What does she need to know about you and about your offer? How will enrolling in your program or buying your product help her with her pains and dreams? What will be different for her? She, and others like her, are the ones you want to call forward into taking action now. Doesn’t that sound easy? It can be if you let it.

3). Know That You Can Create Your Sales Page Your Way. You can make it beautiful, interesting and engaging just by adding colorful borders and graphics, photos, video, and authentic messages. And, yes, by all means make sure you cover all the basics of smart marketing like adding authentic urgency so potential clients make decisions, but stop worrying about being sales-y. Focus on getting your message out in a clear and confident way! That confidence in your own product or service is way sexier… way more compelling… than any manipulative sales copy!

It’s time to put on your Business Goddess panties (are they hidden in the back of your drawer?) and share YOUR love! Tap into the LOVE of your own product or program AND your LOVE of what you can do to help your ideal clients – with confidence, style and grace!

What is your Inner Business Goddess trying to tell you?


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Laura West is an award-winning online entrepreneur and president of The Center for Joyful Business.


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