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Whether you realize it or not you have already set 2009 in motion for what kind of year you want it to be for you. The principles of law of attraction are already at work for you. Are you being consciously aware of what kind of year you want to create or are you just mumbling about the economy and wondering what’s going to happen to you? Are you sitting back and letting business happen TO YOU or are you deliberately creating the type of year you want?

You have the power to infuse your year exactly how you want it to be!

What do I mean by infuse? Every year I select 3 words which I call my “Infusion Words.” They are the 3 words that will guide me throughout the year. With Infusion Words, you are both setting an intention and using these words as a guide.

This year my Infusion Words are “Clarity, Ease and Magic.” Actually my platinum client manager, Dawn, sent me a new year’s gift of 3 magic stones. Guess what was on each stone? One of my Infusion Words. They are sitting on my desk as a beautiful and tangible reminder of what is to come for me during the year!

What do you do with Infusion Words, you might ask? First, I use them as intentions. As I launch my new Attraction Marketing and Money Mindset program this week I am sharing them with the group. Saying them out loud makes these powerful qualities more likely to show up. It’s amazing how by just saying I want “ease” in a program – I get ease. It’s like the universe has little angels who set about to help you create more ease (or clarity or magic).

Second, I use these words when I get into a pinch, a grumbly mood or when things don’t seem to be going my way for that day. I ask myself…”How can I create more ease? Where do I need more clarity? If I had a magic genie – what would I want to happen?” This is a powerful process. And, as if by magic, you will attract the answers, people or resources you need or make decisions more easily based on the qualities you want to attract.

The third thing I do with my Infusion Words is to look for them showing up in my life and business. Every day I write down 10 JoyFlow Sightings (signs of joy flowing into my life) and I will notice, in particular, how “ease, clarity and magic” are showing up. When you are looking for them – you will see more of them. This gets you in alignment with these qualities. You get excited about seeing them. When you are in alignment with your Infusion Words you will attract even more evidence of them showing up!

Not only is it fun to notice, but it’s hugely practical. You can sit back and let your business happen TO YOU. Or you can work with the universe and help shape it the way you desire. Experiences, people, and opportunities are going to come to you either way…business is happening all the time…why not participate and deliberately create it the way that makes you feel good…the way that has you be in your joy.

When you are experiencing joy – you are wide open to possibilities, creativity, confidence and clarity. That’s where the gold is in your business! Being in the joy place!

In my Joyful Business Guide™, business attraction system we give you a whole page of examples of Infusion Words and how to use them, plus you get your own JoyFlow Sightings tablets. Now is a great time to get your own system for using attraction principles and smart marketing strategies in your business. http://www.JoyfulBusinessGuide.com

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