How to Create a Sales Page - Powerfully, Easily, and Authentically


Sales page creation is both an art and a science. It can be very creative and artistic, and at the same time, there is a science to getting people to make purchases online. With an online sales page, you really are presenting a story.

Your page should be visually interesting. Not so interesting that potential clients are confused and there’s too much to digest or look at. But appealing enough that they feel they know you. That they would love to go to coffee with you and pick your brain. Since they can’t do that, they’ll do the next best thing... buy your product, program or service.

So, how do you create a sales page that presents your story and connects you to your future buyers?

#1 Connect to your joy and align your energy for creative flow. It’s so much harder to write from a standstill or when you are staring at a blank page. You want to tap into inspiration, creativity and flow... even when you are getting ready to write something serious and practical like a sales page. However, you can “cheat” and get yourself into the flow!

First of all, it’s highly unusual to sit down and create an entire sales page at one time. So, relax. When you relax, you open your mind, body, spirit and cells to more creativity, more ideas and more inspiration.

A Business Goddess opens her mind, her heart and her spirit, even when or especially when it comes to something as practical-minded as writing and creating sales pages.

#2 Get clear about who you are writing to. Who is your ideal client for this sales page?

This is one of the biggest secrets for being able to create a sales page that really connects and is engaging and compelling. Hopefully, you're clear on who your ideal client is in general, but you may have to narrow that down for the specific program, product, or service you're creating your sales page for.

#3 Start noting ideas for your sales page. A sales page has different sections (the science piece of a sales page). Think about what you want to say in each section. Make notes about the first things, ideas and inspirations that come up for you. Keep your focus on one product or service for your sales page and on one ideal client

#4 Gather other items for your sales page. Start gathering the other items you’ll need for your sales page: photos, clip art, graphics, etc.

#5 Write your first rough draft Start putting everything together in a Word document. Take your notes and let yourself write a rough draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect; in fact, it won’t be. Let it be messy. Just get it flowing. If a section feels too hard or you can’t think of what to write, just make notes. You don’t have to create a sales page in order. Much of the time, you’ll get clearer once you have created the easy stuff like listing the product details and bonuses.

#6 Fill in specific holes and items that are missing Now you come back and fill in the holes. Which pieces do you need more information on? Where can you find it? Who can you ask?

#7 Create sales page online or send it to a team member Now it’s time to put your sales page online. You can do this yourself or work with someone who knows how to do this easily like a web master or virtual assistant.

#8 Revise and edit Once you see it up online, then you’ll want to revise it again. Make sure it flows, and tighten up words and phrases. Check that you are inviting your specific ideal client and coming from a confident place vs. a desperate place.

  • Determine what’s missing.
  • Is it compelling?
  • Will they want to buy NOW?
  • What is the ONE action that it’s obvious you want them to do?

#9 Have a fresh set of eyes review Have someone review the page for typos and necessary edits. After you’ve worked on this for so long, it will be hard to spot those. Ideally, have someone who successfully markets online review it as well. It might be your virtual assistant, a colleague or your business coach. Proofread. Test your links. (Always test all links!)

#10 Test and tweak Time to let her go! Your sales page is ready to be seen by your list. Pay attention to comments, feedback and results. One of the great things about marketing online is that you can change headlines and copy in a flash!

#11 Keep updating and make it fresh You are going to want to make sure your page stays up to date. You don’t want a year to go by, and then people see your page and think you aren’t very professional or committed. You’ll also be getting new results and new feedback about your product or program, so you’ll want to tweak your page to keep it compelling.

Once you have a system (again, that science piece), you'll be able to tap into the creative, artistic side of designing a sales page, one that allows you to bring your brilliance out into the world. You're not just selling something; you're making the world a better place with your product, program or service. Remember that as you create your sales page from that place.

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