Are You Aching to Claim Your Business Goddess Bigger Game?


Last month I led a retreat for my Business Goddess Six Figures and Beyond Mentor Coaching and Group Mastermind clients. The theme of this oceanside retreat was Play Your Business Goddess Bigger Game.

Playing your Business Goddess Bigger Game goes beyond running a successful business. It goes beyond just having fun and being creative. It goes to the deeper reason why you are in your business and the dream you only dare to write in your journal.

Isn’t it time to let that dream--that Bigger Game--out to play?

I’d like to share four questions to get you starting in playing your own Business Goddess Bigger Game. As you read the questions, let the answers surface and come to you. Pay attention to the quiet whispers… those are your dream seeds wanting to be heard and seen.

Where do you push your brilliance away?

Deflecting compliments, not sharing your new website, downplaying your new program or product? Not owning your money intentions?

A common one I see all the time is when someone asks you what you do, and you reply quickly and succinctly with a pat answer. “I am a …” and you quickly fill in the blank. You don’t take up space with your passion and tell them who you work with and why it’s important.

It may not be easy for you to claim what makes you brilliant and unique. That requires taking up space, sharing your joy and passion and staking a claim in the ground. Where do you step away from that claiming?

How do you sabotage your Bigger Game?

Instead of focusing on a project/blog post, asking for clarity and then taking a small action, do you stay in confusion and wallow? Maybe you feel a dying call to empty the dishwasher instead of writing or you eat chips instead of staying committed to your courageous action (oops... that was mine!). Or maybe you just waste time hanging around on Facebook or playing computer games.

Or do you get sick every time something great happens? Do you spend too long perfecting something instead of getting it out into the world? Maybe you create chaos by trying to do too many things at once, so that you can’t really have the big success?

Your inner Saboteur/Protector is very sneaky... notice where he/she shows up.

Where are you getting stuck in claiming your Business Goddess?

A Business Goddess is growing a business that is full of grace, ease, meaning and success. The very nature demands that you step into being a leader and owning your talents and passions.

Where do you keep getting stuck in claiming your graceful power? Do you let yourself go fuzzy brained/confused about money? Maybe you “kinda” market but don’t really commit to marketing fully with integrity and consistency. Maybe you keep yourself exhausted by trying to go everything yourself instead of hiring a team member to help you as a true Business Goddess would.

Do you try to grow your business alone thinking you can go the DIY route instead of trusting a coach to help you find your way with more ease and grace?

Are any of these stuck places ringing a bell?

Isn’t there an ache is ready to have some attention?

That is your purpose…your bigger game calling. What is the courageous step you will take today?

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