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I have had wonderful opportunities lately to be the guest expert on several internet tv, internet radio and teleseminar guest expert series. I am passionately talking about blending law of attraction philosophies and tools with smart business practices and strategies. I love both topics and see amazing miracles happen when you blend both together. And I recognize that there are a lot of incomplete ideas about law of attraction and tons of old ways of being in business practices - I've been excited to shed the light on a modern way of being in business and creating success.

With all that being said, I also host my own Joyful Business podcast, which many of you let me know how much you enjoy (thank you). I interview successful entrepreneurs about how they keep their juices going in their business and lives. So, this is a big build up to the fact that I have learned a few things about successful interviewing and how to NOT create a interview that falls flat or never quite comes together. And I've learned how to co-create with your interviewee to lead an interview that is dynamic, grabs the listeners/viewers and compels them to take action because they want more.

Here are my top 7 tips for how to create dynamic, compelling interviews:

1. Meet with the interviewer a few minutes before the interview or a day ahead.

Before I record the Joyful Business Podcast I spend 10 minutes or so just connecting with the interviewee, setting the stage for our discussion, and finding our common points of passion - where we both light up. This creates an energetic connection that we bring into the call.

2. Always email and then confirm the call details and directions.

Make it very clear who is to call, when, where, and how. Give a backup number for live interviews so the interviewee knows what to do if they can't get in. I have so appreciated the ones who have a system and a template for this and they realize this is important to the success of the call. It's hard to be interviewed if you are feeling flustered that you couldn't find the right bridgeline or couldn't get on!

3. Create a Speaker Information Form.

Systems are such a great thing! I create a form for anything I do over and over again so that I am not recreating the wheel. It also makes me feel so much more in control when I have the process and information at my finger tips and I'm not trying to put information together at the last minute. Plus, you look professional to your interviewees so they want to work with you again. I've had many podcast interviewees comment on my professionalism and organization. You instill the trust that you truly have their best interests at heart.

4. Always allow plenty of time at the end for a promotional announcement.

The interviewee wants to attract clients who will benefit from their services or products. That's part of why they are giving the interview and providing such helpful information. Make sure you allow plenty of time for this. You don't want to be rushed so that it sounds like an afterthought. When you come across as confident and enthusiastic about their product/program, then the listeners will be enrolled. If your interviewee is successful then you appear more credible. That creates a win-win for everyone.

5. Tap into your speaker's wisdom, philosophies or how-to's without solely focusing on the product or program.

It's a teleseminar success strategy to weave in the product or program that the speaker will be offering later in the call so you set expectations. You don't want to keep bringing it up and overemphasizing it so that it sounds like the call is one big sales pitch. Set expectations that you will invite them to hear more details at the end.

6. When you are interviewing, get to know the person and their product or program.

I've only experienced a time or two when the interviewer obviously hadn't looked over my Joyful Business Guide system, but it did make an impact because it was obvious from their questions that they didn't quite understand the philosophy. I've had much more success when it's clear they knew the product, worked with it, read my website or blog or even asked for my preferred questions so they sounded knowledgeable. Again, setting us both up for success!

7. Have fun!

Let your personality and style shine! Whether you are the interviewer or you are being interviewed, the information is important but what makes a bigger impression is the connection you make with your listeners. They want someone who is real, interesting, confident and engaging. Just presenting the information doesn't make you an expert - it's the passion, credibility, and aliveness that you share!

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