10 Ways to Make Your Home Business Easy

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  1. Have a Vision. Start where you are, and then determine where you want to go. Be patient with yourself and accept whatever phase of your business you're at. Whether you're starting out, bouncing back, having some growing pains, floundering or flourishing. At the same time, have a crystal clear image of where you're headed - always have a vision! The only way to get out of where you are is to have a vision so you can have somewhere to go. Without a vision, it’s like being in a boat and having no idea where you are rowing to. With a vision, you can make a plan, gather supplies, and set direction and sail.

  2. Get a partner. Don’t try to do it alone. I've partnered with a very cool & knowledgeable tech person, a writing coach and my own coach to hold me accountable for continuing to produce high quality products and content for my clients and customers.

  3. Create systems for easy structure to be successful. The partnerships I've created form a system that my marketing tasks fit in - something bigger than me that provides structure and accountability. For instance, I now have a timeline set-up for getting my newsletter published on a specific day each month. It sounds really basic. And, it’s amazing how many people have an idea but no plan as to when, how, what it will look like.

  4. Get out of your home office. Find inspiration and creativity in places outside the norm. I start each day with "Creative Bagel Time", where I go to a fun cafe and spend some time creating a vision about my business.  I also spend one day a week working out of a friends' office suite. The first coaching session I hold with many clients will be at a location that is beautiful or somehow stimulating, such as the a park or gardens. It boosts creativity ten times!!!

  5. Connect with people on a similar path. Look around and see what other people are up to. When you come upon someone doing something similar, see what synergy you can create together! Instead of slipping into the mindset of competition or comparison, find encouragement that others are making it work! Energy, inspiration and ideas from two passionate people will always be like 1+1 = 10!

  6. Take mircro-movements. This suggestion comes from SARK, one of my favorite creative gurus and authors. For me, saying I wanted to publish my first ezine after a year-long break was too big of a step. I had to break the task down into simple small baby steps that feel easy. For me, a good place to start was writing my list of events. That got my pen flowing, set me in motion, and built up a sense of momentum, energy and success.

  7. Let go of trying to make it perfect! You can't possibly control or predict the results of your actions, so let go of that and try to stay unattached. Though you have a clear vision and you're committed to making it happen, be willing to accept whatever results come your way – they might just be better than anything you've imagined! Just let it fly with the intention that “Of course, it will evolve” It always does!

  8. Face your obstacles. What's getting in your way? Not enough time, fear of failure, scared of success? We all have them. Partner with your coach or a coach-like friend who can help you through this. One way that I help my clients identify their obstacles and unhelpful beliefs is through a process called the "Heart of the Beast". It helps to neutralize the constrictive energy around your fears. I also use it myself, so I can tell you that it's as powerful as it sounds!

  9. Nurture yourself. When we're fatigued, tapped out physically, emotionally and spiritually, and stressed to the max, NOTHING seems easy. Make self-care rituals for your mind, body and soul as important on your to-do list as checking your email.

  10. Celebrate! Don't wait until the whole project is completed or until you've seen what the results are – celebrate each completed micro-movement or baby step. Find fun and joyful rewards that will motivate you to keep going so you can get more of them.

 Which of these tips can you apply to a project that's challenging you right now? Here's to making it easy!

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