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Make your passionate project come alive!

Imagine what you could create in your business…with the help of a powerful,
focused, connection-filled and creativity-infused 30 days!

And a community of like-minded committed business owners!


What Is A Passion Project?

It’s a focused project that makes YOU come alive and has you EXCITED to share it

Because you know it will make a difference in the world – your world!

It’s a project that is…


Some examples of Passion Projects…


  • An ebook about an idea you have that is related to your business but feels like a risk
  • A new program – a training series, mastermind or group program that will package your expertise and leverage your talents
  • A hardcover book about your photography… just because you’ve always wanted to
  • Create photo quotes about your favorite message that you just gotta share!
  • A retreat in the mountains… because they make you feel alive!
  • A mini workshop to try out a new energy healing technique
  • A new eBook about a topic you love… even though it might seem like a crazy idea!
  • 30 days of writing from your deepest self
  • Creating a new brand – a message and look that you’re heading toward and have yet to embrace
  • Maybe you only have a spark of an idea – this is an opportunity to nurture it into being to see its potential
  • 30 days of art… because you want to get your groove back!


To spend every day for 30 days doing something you love & that makes you feel good – because when you feel good… anything is possible!



“I was a participant in Laura West’s inaugural Passion Project Program and I didn’t get out of it what I expected! I actually got more than I expected!

I thought I was just going to complete a project that I had neglected for some time — not due to a lack of passion, but rather a lack of focus. But the project turned out to be merely the impetus of a spurt of personal growth, joy and creativity. Bonds were created with other participants in an authentic and supportive environment steered by an impassioned and creative leader.

One of the things I loved learning was something that Laura taught called “focus and flow” and how to follow the natural progression of a project. Another is called JoyFEAR, and well, you’ll simply have to sign up for the next Passion Project for this jewel as only Laura can teach it!”

Paula Rosario |


What will a Passion Project do for YOU?

  • It will get YOU excited and enthusiastic again – your passion is THE most enrolling “sales pitch” around!
  • It will easily draw attention to you and your project. Wouldn’t you rather attract the attention rather than have to go after it and make it happen?
  • Create an outlet for your creativity! Stop the boring business-as-usual… no one notices. Allow yourself to step out and take a risk… and see who you attract!
  • Clients will stand up and pay attention and WANT to work with YOU! Your passion energy and creativity is very engaging!
  • Joint venture partners will see your message and start calling on you… we want to collaborate with people who are on fire and alive with living their creative passion!
  • You can easily attract more media attention, SEO, social media… just by putting your Passion Project out into the world!
  • Creating a Passion Project – gives you a container to put your next level of work into so you get it out of your thinking brain and into a tangible form. Your work with come to life!


What will a Passion Project do for YOUR CLIENTS?

  • They will love seeing something new from you – something creative and engaging!
  • Your clients will sit up and take notice and think… Wow, she’s really doing it! (They often really want to be more like you!)
  • Your Passion Project will let them into where your work is heading… in a richer, deeper way or maybe it’s a new direction.
  • They will be curious and want more from you just by you showing up with your Passion Project!


What Is YOUR Passion Project?

Stop “thinking” about it! Feel it. See it. Know it.

There’s an idea. Maybe it’s brilliantly formed. Maybe it’s just a spark or even an urge that is inside you beckoning you to… go here!

Trust. Move into it. Follow the energy!

Say YES!

And now with this new program…you’ll have the inner “energy” flow supported by external focus, time, connection and accountability to really get something amazing done!

This is where the magic happens!



“I’m delighted to announce the birth of the Purple Possibility Project – which was conceived in the last 30-day Passion Project program. This whimsical approach to my current Life Purpose Legacy work stemmed from a growing desire to bring more play into what I was creating with clients. My work had evolved into a deep, serious process of connecting the dots of one’s life story and discovering the underlying life purpose thread. While this process was rich and empowering, there was a hunger for a more light-hearted approach.

When I registered for your 30-day Passion Project program, I had no idea how this approach would emerge. But I was open to letting it happen organically. And indeed it did!

Thank you, Laura, for creating a beautiful, safe space where I could show up and just BE with what was wanting to unfold. It was exactly what I needed!”

Tina M. Games
Life Purpose Intuitive and Purple Possibility Catalyst |


THAT’s what the 30-Day Passion Project is all about!


  • Claim the project that makes you come alive and will move your business forward!
    – This is NOT a “should do” project, but an idea and a vision that makes you giggle with “what-if!” possibility energy!
  • Commit to 30 days of bite-size action!
    – Any longer and you’ll get burned out.


I’ll help you hold the focus for 30 days! You’ll be amazed at what will be different for you and your business in 30 days!


Scattered energy gets scattered results! Focused energy gets focused results!

Let’s focus AND have fun!


"I've just finished Laura West's 30-Day Passion Project, and even though it coincided with a month in which I had many other obligations, here's what I found invaluable and worth every penny and every minute:

  • I learned how much more can be accomplished when I focus on one particular thing.

  • I experienced the power of the Universe to bring things into my life when I focus on something that's important to me.

  • Laura gave us an arsenal of tools to help keep us on track, avoid discouragement, and pull out the essence of our deepest yearnings and priorities.

  • Laura gave us a safe, nurturing, but very professional environment in which to think, dream, brainstorm, and create. No one in this group would ever dismiss you for saying or feeling anything that outsiders might feel was too "touchy feely" to be business-like.

  • I found an amazing peer group who provided invaluable and supportive feedback.

  • I found an inspiring community of kindred spirits who, by their example and their honest sharing, confirmed what I never dared to believe before: that you CAN create a business that embraces and reflects your innermost values and heart-based yearnings.

You can't put a value on this kind of experience, and I am already signed up to be part of Laura's next 30-Day Passion Project."

Elizabeth H. Cottrell and



Starts Monday, September 11th, and goes for 30 days



Only $147… Yep, that’s a GREAT deal to get 30 days of inspiration, focus, action, and accountability!


I’m ready – sign me up for the 30-Day Passion Project!

ONLY $147





Monday: September 11 30-Day Passion Project Launch Call
Mondays: September 18, 25, October 2 Weekly Intention Call
Fridays: September 15, 22, 29, October 6 End-of-Week Celebration Call
Tuesday October 10 What’s Next / Wrap-up Call


All calls will be recorded so if you have to miss one – no worries!
We’ll send it to you so you can keep in the flow!


All Calls: 12 Noon Eastern, 11 am Central, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific, 5pm UK time



PLUS: Daily Flowmentum™ Tools

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – You’ll receive a special email from me with motivational tips and inspirational ideas for tapping into your creativity, shifting your energy, taking action, and holding your focus! They’ll be creative tips in short bursts: audio, video, graphic, or words. They are always the perfect message to keep your energy up and taking brave baby steps!


PLUS: Creative Business Tools for Focus, Action, and Celebration!


PLUS: Private Facebook Community
You’ll have access everyday to ask questions, share your wins, ask for help in shifting when you get stuck, and call on the group and me for resources.

You won’t feel you are doing this alone!



I’m ready – sign me up for the 30-Day Passion Project!

ONLY $147



I had the good fortune to attend Laura’s masterful inaugural Passion Project workshop, and was simply amazed at the elegant simplicity of her process, a hands-on system that enables you choose your next project based on her special combination of ‘heart plus head’ factors, and that will launch your next product, event or service offering into the stratosphere!”

Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.
Marketing Qi

Laura is an amazing coach, facilitator, and creative leader! I first met Laura when she co-facilitated Ellen Britt’s Pink Coattails Mastermind Retreat last spring. While we worked on our businesses and mapped out our plans for the year, Laura helped us continue the process in a fun and joyful way. We created our own art journals with paints, stencils, markers, magazines and more. After intense thought, it freed us up to be more creative in our planning and enjoy ourselves!

I recently joined Laura’s new 30-Day Passion Project Facilitator Program. She offers a behind the scenes, step-by-step guide to expanding on her powerful, proven program, so we can make it our own. This works beautifully for me, since I am coaching Highly Sensitive Women to find and follow their passion. I have the templates I need to customize this 30-Day program for my own clients—and it’s such a fun process!

I have found Laura to be an insightful and compassionate coach. She knows where to challenge me when I’m holding back and encourages me to dig deeper to gently move me out of my comfort zone. I have shifted my perspective and discovered an approach to my business and my life that serves me and my clients well. We recently came together again at another Mastermind Retreat. I was able to open up to the group in a way that I had not been able to previously. I had been guided by Laura before I arrived to step into my strengths as a Highly Sensitive Woman and share my vulnerability. The results were amazing for me! I was present in a much more powerful way.

Laura’s exercises and creative processes break up and blend together our creative thought process in a well-paced, yet visionary way. We each came away with our passions on fire and our motivation to take action ignited. She is an extraordinary and inspirational coach!

Thank you, Laura!

Sheryl Turgeon, MPH, CHC

Laura West is my business coach and the author of "The Joyful Business Guide". I have worked with her for the past 2 years with amazing success on every level. She has transformed my business and my life.

Basically, Laura helped me get my "mojo" back, and I am in love with my business again. And, consequently, all aspects of my life have improved as well.

Laura has a combination of rare qualities: genius (coaching is her calling and it shows), grace (she has a calmness that I aspire to), growth (she keeps getting better and better) and generosity (she shares her knowledge and resources).

2009 is scheduled to be my biggest year in the history of my 10 year business! Thank you!

Tara Seawright
Tara Seawright, Inc. |

During the 30-Day Passion Project, I really got that I can approach this particular project day by day and that it will unfold beautifully and reach those it is intended to reach -- without my striving or reaching any particular benchmarks. I was continually surprised that what unfolded was not necessarily what I had hope for or imagined at the outset. I had opportunities to go deeper, connect with others and explore my passion project on my own that I had not anticipated. I loved being able to participate at my own level and pace.

I learned that there are lulls and unexpected waves, and that something IS happening even when I think nothing is happening 🙂

I loved witnessing the birth of so many different gifts into the world. It felt like when you get to be there in the delivery room for a time and see the making of a miracle, not knowing for sure where it all will go but knowing that magnificence of the moment and all the infinite possibility held within it.

If you're considering a Passion Project, you don't have to have it all figured out. It's ok just to be with something and see where it goes.

“Well done. Extraordinary.

You are very gifted at facilitating dream realization!”

Melissa Galt