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30-Day Passion Project

Licensed Facilitator

30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator Training Program starts soon!




As a Licensed Facilitator for the 30-Day Passion Project, you’ll be able to lead this engaging, creative introductory program for your community! They will get an experience of working with you and get amazing results at the same time!

It’s a smart business structure to build your business around, AND you get the flexibility to tailor it to fit with your personal brand and creative voice.



At the end of this LIVE training program:

  • You’ll be able to set up and run your own 30-Day Passion Project Program – just like I do or customize to your own niche and topic (yes, you get complete flexibility!),
  • You’ll know how to successfully and authentically market the program to your community,
  • You’ll be able to lead, facilitate and troubleshoot how to create an engaging program and community aimed at getting results,
  • You’ll also learn how to use this program as a lead generator to move the right clients into continuing to work with you. (Can you say, “Ka-ching brilliance”?)


In this Licensed Facilitator Training we’ll cover:

  • Successfully marketing your program – using emails, social media and preview calls
  • Valuable facilitation skills to create engagement, passion, excitement, and success
  • How to lead Intention Setting Calls and Celebration Calls with confidence, engagement, and enthusiasm for taking action (which means they’ll love you AND get results!)
  • How to use this program to seed and upsell future options for them to work with you – in a way that is authentic and easy!


You’ll also receive templates galore!

  • Preview/Introductory Call template
  • Email marketing and social media marketing templates for Preview Call
  • Call templates for all the calls you’ll lead during the 30 Day Passion Project
  • Templates for Flowmentum™ Tools to share during the weeks for continued support
  • How to set up your own Facebook group
  • How to create enthusiasm and activity in the community



Special Bonuses:

  • Free enrollment into the September 30-Day Passion Project so you can participate AND observe the leading process.
  • Private, 45-minute coaching call with me where we’ll work together on customizing the 30-Day Passion Project for your industry and community.
  • Special Call for Online Marketing Backend Basics – For those who need to learn the basics or need a refresher… I share my favorite free conference line service, how to record, email marketing basics, and how to set up a private Facebook Group. 
  • Additional calls for “over-my-shoulder” learning about what’s happening in the 30-Day Passion Project – real time learning!
  • Special Facebook Group just for Licensed 30-Day Passion Project Facilitators to ask questions, share successes and get real time help!


8 Content and Training Calls Schedule

You’ll get rich content, specific training on successful facilitation skills, valuable marketing techniques, and 30-Day Passion Project-specific content, including behind-the-scenes running of the 30-Day Passion Project Program.  (Don’t you just love getting the full scoop!)

Below is a schedule of our training calls, and all calls will be recorded in case you can’t make a call live or you want to listen again and again. Calls will be 60 – 90’s minutes with content and Q & A time.


  • Call #1: Thursday, August 28, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #2: Thursday, September 4, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #3: Thursday, September 11, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #4: Thursday, September 18, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #5: Thursday, October 2, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #6: Thursday, October 9, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #7: Thursday, October 30, 1:00pm eastern
  • Call #8: Thursday, November 13, 1:00pm eastern


This first Licensed Facilitator Training Program is a pilot program. This means you agree to help me create the best program I can create, and you learn in the process! I’ll be asking for your feedback about each training call and throughout the program. (This helps me tremendously, but it is also a great opportunity for you to see a program being developed – priceless learning!)

Since it’s in the pilot phase, I’m going to share very special pricing for this program.

The actual investment for the 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator Training Program is $1497.


Your special alumni pilot program pricing is $697. That’s half price!
Click here to sign up!

I’m also offering a two-pay plan if you prefer, for only $397 for 2 monthly payments.
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And… if a three-pay plan fits your needs better, you can sign up for three payments of $287 each.
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Deadline for special 30-Day Passion Project alumni pricing: Friday, August 8.

As soon as you join, we will add you to the special Facebook page forming for 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitators so you can begin networking and brainstorming how you’ll become a leader in your niche and community with this program.

I just have to share this…

Anyone can create a 30-Day Program – they are very popular right now with overwhelmed people who still want results and have a short attention span. What you’ll get with this program is much bigger than “how to create a 30-Day program”…

*You get to be a part of a bigger brand of 30-Day Passion Project Facilitators

*You get to network with other facilitators who are creative, smart, and on-the-ball business owners

*You get the smart marketing tactics, templates, and structure for how to make this program integrate successfully into your business – to serve your future business growth – and not just be a one-off, fun idea.

*Being in this special group… you will be encouraged to think and act creatively. Not just to do the formula. I’ll  support you in finding your unique creative voice while putting into a place a structure that you can use over & over again.  It’s like you’ll be plugging into a bigger creative brain made up of me, you, and all of us together!

*You get to use the cool, colorful logos which gives you an edge of professionalism and credibility… and be part of something bigger!


I’ve been getting several questions about the program, so I put them all here in one place in case you have the same question!

When is the deadline to sign up, and to get the special alumni pricing?
The deadline to get the special pricing is Friday, August 8, but the Facebook group is open for connecting, questions and brainstorming now.

When are the training calls?
The series of eight training calls starts Thursday, August 28. All calls begin at 1pm eastern and run 60 – 90 minutes. And, of course, we’ll record all calls, in case you can’t make it live. (You can see the full schedule above.)

We’ll have about 3 calls a month (with a week off each month) to allow time for you to integrate the training and not get into overwhelm.

In addition, we’ll use the Ruzuku educational platform (which I love and has gotten rave reviews in other programs I’ve delivered with it) for each week’s lesson and supporting materials, templates, logos, and scripts.

Can I have a longer payment plan?
We have the full pay option of $697 (which is less than half of the actual training program), and we have a two payment plan option of $397. We’ve added a three-pay payment plan of 3 payments of $287 each to make it even easier on the pocketbook.

What does Pilot Program mean and how is it different from the regular facilitator training you’ll be offering in the future?
You get an opportunity to be a part of the co-creation of this program. I’ll be creating it and getting your feedback from the learning and training real-time – as we go along. I’ll be taking all the input and results from this pilot program to make changes, refine, shape future 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator Training Programs (scheduled to release in 2015). Basically, you’ll help me make this a solid and successful program, and you get great pricing and insider track learning!

What if I want some additional coaching?
NEW! Bonus Private Coaching Session: When you sign up for the pilot program, you receive a 45-minute private coaching call where we’ll discuss your personalized version of the 30-Day Passion Project: how to make it work for your niche and community, along with creating an action plan for your next steps.

What happens after the first year of training? Is there an ongoing license fee, renewal, or materials to buy?
There are no ongoing fees. Once you are 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator, then you are free to continue offering the program as long as you adhere to the guidelines of professionalism and give credit to the Center for Joyful Business as the original creator of the 30-Day Passion Project.

The details will be forthcoming on that, but I’ve designed this program so that you can have the best of both worlds… you can use the program exactly as I share with you, or you can customize it to your audience.

The only thing I ask is you use the logo as is with no changes. You can have your own name/title on your sales pages, but you can’t alter the logo. (And why would you? You want to be part of this creative brand & community, right?!)

We will also give you 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator badges that you can post anywhere on your website, sales pages, blog, bio page, and on social media.

After one year: There is an optional annual fee of $47 to be listed on our website. We’ll have a dedicated web page to list our Licensed Facilitators, along with website information and a short description (if applicable) of your industry/niche.

I may choose to offer an ongoing support and marketing program that will be an option for you to continue to receive support to successfully launch and implement your 30-Day Passion Projects.

Will there be a License Agreement?
Yes! We are in the process of working on that and your questions also help us to further define what we’ll include. It will be simple, and you will have a lot of flexibility to customize to fit your message, brand and market. (Can I just say – That is unique! Many license programs constrict your use considerably, and I don’t like that, so I’ve created how I would like it to be if I was signing up!)

Do I need to participate in the 30-Day Passion Project first?
Yes, everyone needs to go through an actual experience as a participant. As an alumni, obviously you have done that. AND… as a bonus, you automatically receive enrollment into the September 30-Day Passion Project for free, so you can participate (or refresh) in the program ($147 value).


Your special alumni pilot program pricing is $697. That’s half price!
Click here to sign up!

I’m also offering a two-pay plan if you prefer, for only $397 for 2 monthly payments.
Click here to sign up!

And… if a three-pay plan fits your needs better, you can sign up for three payments of $287 each.
Click here to sign up!


I can’t wait to see how you bring this program into your own businesses in a creative, fun and impactful way!

I hope you will join us!  As always, email me if you have any questions!!

With creative success,





Laura West
Creative Business Coach, CPCC
Purveyor of Passion Projects
Infodoodle Artist
Author and Speaker