The Yo-yo year! It’s time to get creative.

Have you been experiencing the Yo-yo year already?

One minute you are excited about the possibilities of a fresh new year. You’ve gone through the hibernation of 2020, the re-evaluating of 2021 and now you’ve got your energy and focus lined up for expansion and growth in 2022…and…

Then you experience the contracting energy of another fast-moving covid variant. Do you move forward? Do you plan that retreat or program?

The one thing that is going to remain constant in 2022 is the fast pace of change and uncertainty. You can choose to stand still like deer in the headlights, hide, or get creative.

We have to move ahead with our businesses. This is your livelihood and your passion. It may even be your mission.

In 2022, it isn’t about giving up…it’s about getting creative.

In 2021 I moved back to my hometown in Virginia Beach so I could be close to the ocean and salt air again.

I’ve had plans to start up a conscious business meetup group in January. I love the idea of calling together entrepreneurs and professionals who want to do good with their business. Plus, what a great way to make new connections and friends.

After the holidays settled, I started thinking about the group and seeing the surge in covid, I found myself saying…well, not yet. Or, maybe I go virtual. Or, maybe I’ll wait.

I also felt some disappointment that I couldn’t just launch it the way I wanted to.

Once I acknowledged that frustration and emotion, I felt free to move forward.

I am drawing on my creativity and trusting the future will unfold.

I’m going to do the meetup virtually and assume there are others in the area that also want to gather…even if it’s virtual. Maybe, especially because it’s virtual!

And, I’m getting curious about how to use my creativity to make it a more interactive and fun experience.

This is the year we are being asked to be more creative by…

  • Slowing down so that you can hear the whispers of what really wants to happen.
  • Being more present with people so you can have a greater impact just by being WITH what is really going on underneath
  • Listening more deeply, really hearing what your Soul Tribe is craving.
  • Being willing to respond to how you can make a contribution here and now
  • Being willing to try new things. Make that zoom presentation more fun, engaging and experiential. Or, maybe it’s something totally different than zoom.
  • Daring to find your voice and use it to speak the truth of your soul tribe’s emotions, desires and frustrations.
  • Using your creativity to finally create that program, write that book, develop that podcast to get your soul work out to those who need it.
  • Letting go of the fear of being seen
  • Making time to create that program, product or experience you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Embracing your dream – whatever it is…to move to the perfect place, to write the book, to share your message.

There is no better time than now.

This Year – Let Love Lead

A well known, spiritual mind shifting book, A Course in Miracles, encourages us to embrace the idea of “I don’t understand anything.” Meaning to really truly grow and savor life you need to let go of your old stories and beliefs about what something or someone means.

It happens all the time, often quite subtly. You might see a video summit with all these experts lined up with their happy shiny faces and say to yourself, I’ll never be with that group.

Or as you are finishing up your financial books for the year, you have a constant hum of, it’s not enough. It’s never enough. It’ll never change.

Embracing the practice of “I don’t understand anything” means letting go that you know how things are or will unfold. Example,… You are a procrastinator. You’re not creative. You only make X amount of money – you can’t go higher.

Identifying these powerful stories that run your life is a first step in stepping into new possibilities.

When you start identifying these underlying stories that run underneath your dreams, plans and actions then you start loosening up the potential for what’s possible.

The second step is to let go of these old stories and beliefs and how they shape everything you do. This is where healing, forgiveness practices and working with a coach can help.

The next step is to embrace new empowered stories and beliefs that better support your expansion, dreams and desires.

As Marianne Williamson, author of the best seller, A Return to Love, says, the key to this is to give love a chance.

Loving yourself enough to own your unique beautiful brilliance and gifts.

Loving yourself enough to say that your preferences and desires matter.

Loving yourself enough to claim your dream to creative positive change in the world with your business, presence, and leadership.

Loving yourself enough to know that you are enough.

Loving others enough to claim your voice so you can provide better solutions for your soul tribe’s aches, pains and struggles.

Loving others enough to let go of wondering if you matter and your work matters. Treat yourself and your work as though it already matters.

Loving others enough to be vulnerable enough to step into your authentic leadership.

Loving the world enough to show up and make your unique contribution.

Loving the world enough to stop questioning is your contribution enough. Like the Little Drummer Boy who gave his beloved music, trust it is exactly what is needed.

Loving the world enough to be open and curious to where leading with love will take you.

This year we are finding our sea legs. We’ve hibernated and re-evaluated, and now it’s time to step out and be a contribution. Balancing, dancing, pivoting…being nimble with all the uncertainty and changing waters.

You can’t control the ocean, but you can show up day after day and adjust your sails to navigate the ever-changing winds and water.

With love as your guiding light.

You never know whose life you’ll change. Starting with your own.