Joyful Biz LIVE Show – Episode 3: Essential Oils for Entrepreneur Success!

by Laura West

Last week I hosted my third episode of the Joyful Business LIVE Show.

I invited Michele Eisenberg from Happy Family Academy to the conversation and we talked about the 10 Most Common Challenges Business Owners Face Each Day and How to Use Essential Oils to Help Create Success.

It was so much fun to share our favorite oils, recipes and tips for how to get out of the Doubt Vortex, how to ground your energy when you have a big call coming up, and what to do when you have a headache that is interfering with your creativity!

If you love essential oils or are just curious… you’ll enjoy this show…

Let me know your favorite parts and how you use oils in your day!

{Infographic} Your Business Grows with Connections and Conversations

by Laura West

I’m out of the office today being with my Mom and Dad as my Mom gets her second hip surgery. She put off the first surgery for a very long time out of worry. Once she had it done, she was so ready to get the next hip replaced!

Last year, when she finally admitted (to everyone and herself!) how much pain she was in then she couldn’t hold off any longer. She took the next step and asked for a recommendation from her family doctor. Then she made a call to have a consultation with the hip surgeon. Then we did some research. Then she came back to set up a final consultation to find out the specifics and schedule a time for the surgery.

This isn’t unlike our own clients.

They have a pain and a dream. In my mom’s case, it’s debilitating pain and a dream of walking and moving more freely – pain free.

Your client has a pain too. And a dream. (Do you know what it is? You need to know so you can talk to them in their language.)

Before my Mom jumped into making an appointment for her first surgery – there were several phone calls and in person visits.

This is often what happens for us.

Not every conversation is a direct sales conversation. I’m sharing with you the 5 Most Common Types of Conversations you’ll have with a new person you meet.


The Doubt Vortex of Sales

by Laura West

This weekend I am spending time with my two sons shopping. That’s is unusual. There are usually a million other things the boys would rather do than spend time with mom looking for clothes.

This time is different. Sam is excited about heading to college in a couple of weeks and Nick, just started a “big boy job” with benefits and everything. He’s still finishing up engineering degree while he’s working fulltime, but apparently, they come courting engineers pretty early.

So, we’ve been looking for clothes for their next adventures. It’s very exciting to see them grow!

Speaking of growth… how is your business growth going?

It is the one constant in your business – keeping an eye on those growth opportunities.

This usually takes the form of attracting new clients.

I talk a lot about creative ways to attract new clients, but what I haven’t talked a lot about is what do you do once you attract the conversation?

The sales conversation.

For many business owners this brings up feelings of dread, nerves and anxiety.

I used to feel like this too. I was super confident in my coaching abilities and marketing smarts, but the sales conversation made me feel a bit nauseous.

Let’s look at what really is going on when we go into that Doubt Vortex before a sales conversation…