Get it OFF Your Vision Board!

by Laura West

Retreat CollageI can’t tell you how many women I talk to that tell me they have” going on a retreat with me” is on their Vision Board. A lot of amazing women say this. Maybe you have this on your vision board too?

I’m honored. Really, I am truly moved that attending an experience with me is on your Vision Board.

My Vision Board always has pictures of gatherings of women in cool locations for amazing transformational and creative experiences.

I have had big retreats on my Vision Boards too.

And, what I know is that you get to a point and time where you have to stop wishing and start creating.

You have to show up and start co-creating with life. You have to claim that you are ready. Life is bringing you an opportunity and it’s time to say YES!

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful vision board of wishes.

The whole point behind a vision board is help remind you to align your energy with what you want.

To feel what it’s like to have that “thing” in your life and business now.

And to take inspired actions that are in alignment with your vision.

Like having a phone conversation with me about coming to the retreat.


Mud Pies & the Creative Business Summit Happening this Week!

by Laura West

CreativityDo you ever watch little kids and see how their imagination is always at work? You can give them a couple boxes to play with and suddenly they’re in a rocket ship being catapulted into outer space. Or the all time popular ‘playing house’ where they pretend to be parents to a baby doll, etc.

For me, I used to play in our backyard with berries, leaves and make a mud pie stew served up on a magnolia leaf! Then there was the grapevine trellis that made a beautiful wild jungle for Barbie and Ken to hang out in (except for all the bees the grapes attracted!)

But then something happens, right, the older kids get they aren’t encouraged to continue using their imagination. And then by adulthood, having an imagination really isn’t encouraged.

This happened for me. My creativity shifted into painting faux textured walls and marbleizing furniture.

But there was a definite line between creativity and business.

My creativity had to be surrounded by a lot of professionalism when I was in the corporate world.

Which was pretty much squeezing my creativity dry!

As I got older, and let’s face it, as I started my own business, I started RE-discovering my creativity.

It’s been a process over the years of giving myself permission to let out my creativity in my business more and more.

Now more than ever there are ways to bring your creativity into a business – and have it be profitable!

That’s exactly what my friend, colleague and coach, Kelly McCausey, is helping others do with her Creative Business Summit. It’s a three-day virtual summit with several smart creators who are profiting from their creativity. (more…)


by Laura West

Laura WestRight now… think of something good happening in your business or life.

A big shift. A success. A celebration. A big action finally taken. A dream you are stepping into.

Now stand up with your arms in the air and shout “Wagamama!”

You can’t help but smile and laugh and maybe even shake your Wagamama a bit too!

You can feel your power, strength and radiating beauty!

This is a ritual we do at my Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. With every new group we teach the new ones and lead them in claiming the success and their power. (I have a lot of repeat clients who attend so they have become Wagamama masters!)

Wagamama is a Japanese word, roughly interpreted, means “selfish woman.” But not in the way we would say that in English.

It’s sad to say, there is no English word, for selfish woman in the healthiest sense… that stands for a powerful woman who takes care of herself, owns her power and is radiating her light. (Maybe the word Goddess, but that has many interpretations and doesn’t make you giggle as much as Wagamama does!)

It’s a very powerful moment when you see a woman who has a big shift. You can see it in her whole body. Sometimes there are tears, more often, it’s like you are witnessing a heavy burden being set down and her whole body and being lights up. Light starts shining from her face. She literally starts glowing.