It’s Not Too Late! Let’s Talk Today About You Coming to the Retreat!

by Laura West

I’m taking some time off next week to create and to play! Yay!

I’m taking a few days to walk, drum, write and create a few projects that have been on my calendar for this summer and then I’m taking off the end of the week to visit my parents and go visit a friend in Asheville.

I know the importance of taking time away from the business – both time to work ON the business instead of IN the business… and also time away to fill up the well.

Doing this regularly is what helps you tap into manifesting in a bigger way with more ease and grace.

But before I go, I’d love to talk with you about my upcoming retreat in October on the coast of Virginia Beach.

Today is the last day of the early bird savings so I’m around all day if you want to talk and see about you coming to this amazing experience.

Just email me and I’ll be on the watch for it! 🙂

We can jump on the phone and talk about the retreat and what to expect. Ok, don’t wait because I want you to get one of the last couple of spots!

Tomorrow is the Deadline for Amazing Retreat Goodness!

by Laura West

Retreat - Fish and cardsImagine …

Breathing in the 180-degree Oceanfront views of the vast horizon of possibilities.

A warm cup of your favorite tea in your hands while watching a gorgeous sunrise, feeling your heart expand as the beautiful pastel rainbow of colors expand too.

Letting your tea cool as you talk to a new friend about your business and what’s next for you and hearing her excitement about her discoveries for where she wants to expand next too.

Drawing an oracle card to start the day with the perfect message to call in inspiration and aha for the new direction that wants to be spoken aloud and claimed.

Pausing for an art break to create to keep your mind nimble, flexible and engaged… and being delightfully surprised at the creativity that is awakened in you…

Dolphins greeting you each afternoon with playful antics.

A yummy delicious lunch shared on the deck in the warm sun while we all share our excitement over emerging visions and the clarity that is forming.

More art breaks… and you notice how excited and alive you feel .

Walking on the beach to integrate the days insights, ideas and downloads.

Sipping a favorite cool beverage and watching the sun slipping down to rest as you wait for beautiful dinner to be prepared for you. You feel so nurtured and revel in the abundance around you.

Enjoying the deep rich connection throughout dinner between new friends who now feel like old friends.

Laughing at the surprise activity after dinner that has you stretch, feel the fear and giggle with delight all at the same time knowing as you are growing – so is your business!

Journaling about the insights you gained while sitting in the JoySeat coaching chair and being coached by me in an intuitive, compassionate and fiercely loving way.


But I’m Not Really Creative… and Other Myths that Hold You Back

by Laura West

Many people have been asking me about the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea… is it right for them?

They often say, “But I’m not creative.”

Oh, but you are. You so are.

You create every day.

Every time you…

  • write an article,
  • do a Facebook live,
  • lead a training program,
  • or creatively find a solution for your client.

Retreat 2018And to take inspired actions that are in alignment with your vision.

Like having a phone conversation with me about coming to the retreat.

Creativity looks different on everyone. For some it looks like a business selling their creative endeavor, like art, books, or music.

For most of us, it looks like taking our wisdom, expertise and tools and creatively making solutions for our clients to live better lives or have more successful businesses.

I am passionate about helping coaches, healers, and teachers use their creativity to stand out in the crowd and authentically, boldly and creatively share their message to attract the perfect clients. It’s easier than you think to get in touch with your Beautiful Genius.

It’s one of the things we do in person at my Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.

As you may know, this special intimate retreat is coming up this October and the early bird deadline is this Friday.

There are two spots that are open… could one of those be for you?

This retreat is perfect for you if…