Card Decks – If You Love Them… Check This Out!

by Laura West

Card deckIf you are reading this you must love card decks as much as I do!

I have so many different types of card decks: fairies, goddesses, spirit animals, mantras, wisdom, guides… all helping me tap into deeper wisdom or create a fresh perspective for the day and my life… and my business.

Have you ever thought about creating your own card deck for your business?

I created a card deck years ago called JoyShift Cards – they are beautiful with perspective shifting thoughts!

You can create your own deck too!

Card decks are experiential and immediate. They quickly engage your clients and give them a strong, positive hit of your brilliance without demanding oodles of time or a long-term commitment.

It doesn’t matter what Magnetic Specialty Niche you are in – you can create a card with your wisdom and expertise!

Wanna know how easy and fun it can be to create your own best-selling card deck?

Go get my friend Marcy Nelson-Garrison’s free eBook, 5 Secrets to Creating a Best-Selling Card Deck.

It doesn’t matter what you do or whom you serve, you can create a card deck that inspires, motivates, trains, guides, prompts, starts conversations and… does wonders for your business.

PS: Hey, if you’ve been thinking about writing a book, let me tell you… this is so much easier. And faster. And a lot more fun. Go now: 5 Secrets to Creating a Best-Selling Card Deck.

{Video} Let’s Talk Retreats, Feeling Alive, Alchemy and Extraordinary Possibilities!

by Laura West

Don’t you just love the energy of Friday? No matter how much you love what you do during the week, Friday always has a more relaxed and fun energy.

I created a special video message for you about the magic of retreats!

This week I spent quite a bit of time on the east coast of Florida. The beach totally fills me up and speaks to my soul, as I know it does for many of you.

Nature has a way of both rejuvenating our weary spirit and opening us up to our soul’s whispers. When I’m at the ocean I feel like I am directly connected to that bigger divine source and my own soul and I’m able to hear what wants to emerge.

This is why I am so passionate about going to and creating retreat experiences. You need to get away from your computer and your familiar environment to feel that aliveness!

It’s here where the soul will nudge you in your next growth direction. Gently sending you messages towards what’s next for you.

I’d love to invite you to my next Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. It’s an intimate group of creative and spiritual women entrepreneurs who come to gather and support each other.

This year’s theme is Business Alchemy. The retreat experience will immerse you in your own Beautiful Brilliance and I’ll show you how to turn that into extraordinary possibilities… in your life and business!


Here’s more information and some stories from others who have been there before (many women keep coming back year after year!) Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.

If you want to know more then let’s set up a time to talk! Just email me and I’ll send you some times for us to talk about what you are up to, the retreat and if it’s right for you.

I do encourage you to act fast – two reasons – you save$$, you get special bonuses and there’s only a few spots left so you want to get yours!

I look forward to talking with you!

PS: If you are one of those women who keeps saying… One day. One day I’ll go on one of Laura’s retreats… what if this is your day to say yes? What would be possible if you said YES to the invitation? (And I have great payments plans to make it easy!) Email me and let’s talk!

{Replay – FB Live} Introducing Business Alchemy

by Laura West

Many of you have asked about the replay for Tuesday’s Facebook Live about Business Alchemy.

I am sharing a short video introduction (about 20 minutes) to why we need a new approach to business exhaustion and overwhelm.

My answer is Business Alchemy. My message is about creating from the inside out using your energy, JoyFlow and resonance. It’s a powerful way to create extraordinary possibilities.

In the video I also invite you to the next Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. Here is where we’ll immerse in the experience, habit and rituals of Business Alchemy. This is a small intimate experience where you’ll get to create from intuition, creativity, and accessing your innate knowing… along with aligned action and discipline with grace.

We can talk about using these new (very ancient) tools and wisdom but this is about actually using them to create your business and life from a whole new place of ease, alignment, beauty and enchantment.

Laura West & group

You can read more about the upcoming retreat here.

If you’re interested let’s set up a time to talk further! Here’s a link to my calendar.

This small retreat is already filling up from last year’s attendees so you don’t want to wait. AND, as a special BONUS: when you sign up in March you’ll receive 6 months of membership in the Joyful Business Studio – wow!

Again, here’s a link to my calendar or you can email me if those times don’t work for you and we’ll set something up!