The Surprising Power of Nurturing Your Money

by Laura West.

I love talking about money… Income. Revenue. Sales.

This may surprise you. Somehow we think that talking about, much less, nurturing, our money is somehow… wrong or beneath us.

Actually it’s very freeing… and joyful!

You know that what you give your attention to expands, right? What if you focus on growing your income and really rocking your revenue?

What would be possible for you if you made more money? You could help yourself, your business, your family, your community and beyond.

You could really create some big ripples in the world!

That’s why I said yes to participating and sharing this great event with you: The Rock Your Revenue Giveaway!

Because there are 30+ FREE gifts awaiting you that ALL help you make more money!

Hosted by Monica Shah, of Revenue Breakthrough, this unprecedented giveaway has amazing templates, tools, trainings and scripts for everyone!

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(I’m giving away the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Firestarter Kit.)

Remember my advice with these giveaways…you get to be discerning. Decide what you are willing to commit to and what will help you now! (Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed… that’s not a powerful place to be.)

Check out just a few of them:

  • 3 Tools to Get 3 Clients in 30 Days
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…and much, MUCH more!

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You put a lot of time, energy and money into your business. Let’s help you consciously nurture your money and help you expand in 2019.


P.S. There’s no “catch” to this goodie basket of free trainings and services. We’re doing this to introduce ourselves and meet new people who we can support. Nothing for you to do but receive!

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#3 Black Friday Weekend Invitation – Chakra Dance and Your Business

by Laura West.

Facebook LiveLast Sunday I did a dance class. It was about dancing with the archetypes of the divine feminine. Cool title, right? It was just an amazing experience!

Enough structure to feel safe and get over being awkward and then amazing freedom to move your body how the energy wanted to be expressed.

I was so inspired by how the class shifted my energy and amped up my connection to purpose and opened up ideas that I did a quick facebook live video for my Big Ripples Facebook group talking about the power of moving your body and business.

So, today, I have 2 invitations for you…

Join my Big Ripples facebook group if you want more inspiration, ideas and connection like this:

Go out today and move your body! Take a walk, dance, stretch, do yoga, find a class, walk with a friend… see how your mood and attitude shift and how it helps you get new fresh ideas!

Moving your body – a success habit for you and your business!


#2 Black Friday Weekend Goodness – Joyful Business Studio!

by Laura West.

One of my core philosophies is “When you feel good – you’ll do good! For yourself and others!”

Align your energy with Feeling Good.

Create morning rituals, move your body, drink water and stay hydrated, have a creative practice… these are all things that will help you get in alignment or stay in alignment with your natural flow of joy, abundance and optimism.

When you feel good…

It’s easier to do good.

When you feel good… it’s easier to pick up the phone, get a great idea for your next article, email about that speaking agreement, or follow up again with that potential client!

It seems simple.

It is simple.

It’s not always easy though.

We have created all sorts of fascinating thoughts, beliefs and actions to get in the way of our brilliant plans!

You need both…

Smart Marketing Strategies + Inside Joy Management = Success!

That’s one of the reasons I created the Joyful Business Studio. So you would have a place to go to tap into a community who thinks like this, lives like this and wants to support each other in creating a business like this!

The great news is with our November special you can join us in the Studio each month for coaching and marketing and mindset training… and you’ll save money when you sign up now! 🙂

I want to invite you to stop struggling and going at this alone and join us in the Joyful Business Studio… where I’ll help you learn and integrate this way of being into your doing.

As I mentioned, a delicious bonus… when you join us in November you save $$ – yay! You can lock into a lower monthly membership while getting all the good support, community and training!

Here are the details you need to find out more about the Joyful Business Studio.

I can’t wait to see you there with other coaches, changemakers, creative entrepreneurs and fascinating positive ripplers making a difference for your own life and the lives of others!