Special Bonus – SASS Journal


SASS JournalOne of my favorite things to do on Friday is to reflect on the week about all the good things that have happened. It’s really easy for me to end the week thinking about the long list of what I HAVEN’T done which then, of course, means I feel kinda crappy, less than and like I’m never getting anywhere.

Once I started looking at what I HAVE done, tracking all the amazing things that have GONE RIGHT, wow, it’s so much easier to end the week on a positive note.

In fact, I love this idea so much I started doing it every day!

Then I shared it with my clients and had to make a cool journal page so it’s easy to remember to do.

I call it the SASS Journal.

It stands for “Success, Abundance, Synchronicities and Sunshine!”

When you start tracking your SASS every day… you realize there is a whole lot of good stuff going on!

You also really get that you are doing a whole lot more than you give yourself credit for!

It’s a great way to build your confidence, abundance-thinking and fortitude.

I’m excited to share that the SASS Journal is a FREE BONUS in my new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge!

You see, I’m a believer that when you look for good stuff happening… you see more good stuff. Then you feel good. Then you do good. Like reaching out and connecting with people and talking about what they are up to and talking about your business.

Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – is a win-win good thing!

Going through the 30 days will help you make fun & fab follow up a daily success habit. It WILL change your business.

So come on and join us now… you get immediate access to the tools, videos and yes, the beautiful SASS Journal!

To Your Big Beautiful Success!

Why is Following Up Really So Fabulous?


One of the most powerful success habits you can do every day is Fun & Fabulous Follow Up!

Making it a habit to follow up with someone every day will increase your connections and network for sure.

But the magic is in making it genuine, being curious and making it meaningful. When you follow up in this way… it becomes fun!

Something happens… you start feeling more abundant.

You feel more confident.

You get more in touch with being a whole-hearted leader in your business… and your life!

You take on the joyful responsibility of being a person who reaches out and connects.

The flow in your business starts moving. The more you reach out and nurture relationships… the more relationships you look for to nurture!

And then it comes back to you.

It starts with that positive and expansive feeling inside and then you see those nurturing seeds you’ve planted blossom into clients, referrals, repeat clients, speaking opportunities, supportive conversations and so much more!

I know sometimes it’s hard to kickstart the habit of following up, of looking for people to follow up with.

That’s because no one has taught you how.

I’m going to do that in my new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge!


This Daily Habit Changed Everything for Me!


Your business success is built by taking brave baby steps each and every day.

The key is… each and every day.

It’s easy to go in stops and starts. Taking action when you’re inspired and then letting it go when you’re busy or feeling doubtful or overwhelmed.

The problem is that doesn’t work too well. It’s crazy stressful – financially, emotionally, confidence-wise and well, just takes too big of a toll on your psyche!

I’m going to share one of the biggest habits I started doing EVERY DAY & still do that totally uplifts my heart, makes me feel more abundant, confident AND totally attracts more clients and opportunities to me!

It’s simple, really.

Not easy.

But simple.