Ever Feel You Need to Get Away From it All?


deck chairEver feel you need to get away from it all so you can think? So you can be? So you can hear where your business wants to go?

I know I do.

I create lots of opportunities to get away so I can hear what the soul of my business wants to say.

Your business really does speak to you, if only you’ll slow down enough to really hear it.

It will tell you where it wants to expand.

It will nudge you in little whispers and if you don’t listen those gentle whispers will turn into heavy weights on your heart… calling you into what you want to step into next. It might be a bigger stand for your clients, a new message or slightly evolved message, or maybe bigger visibility or making more money and reaching more people.

You business will also tell you when you are not aligned with your truest expression of you.

It shows up… in your marketing when it doesn’t work. You won’t be able to write or find the energy for that facebook live video.

It shows up when you feel like you are ready to jump out of your skin if you don’t actually get your big idea out there!

Or you may be so low in energy that you feel you’ve lost your way. And you know your business is asking you to slow down so it can point to where it wants to be reinvented.

This is why I created the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea!

So you can slow down to go fast.


Celebrating 17 Years, Remembering My 1st Email… and Other Stories

by Laura West.

I’m so proud to say I’ve been in business as a coach for 17 years!

Happy Anniversary to the Center for Joyful Business!

I made that leap in 2001 from my corporate Marketing VP position with all the travel, benefits and six figure income into my unknown passion – I knew I was passionate about the power of coaching but wasn’t sure how the business was really going to play out!

Over the last month, I’ve been reflecting back through the years to those pivotal moments and all the different learnings.

I thought I’d share some of those with you…

* I will always remember sending my first email. I was announcing my new coaching business to about 100 of my friends, family and former colleagues from my corporate job. This was before I had a shopping cart or list manager so I had them loaded into Outlook and was sending these emails by hand in batches while hoping they wouldn’t get blocked since I was sending to so many people. I distinctly remember staring at the SEND button on my email. I was so full of JOYFEAR – feeling both excited, nervous, scared, and on fire! I remember finally telling myself to stop thinking about it and just do it. And with that email I felt officially launched.

* I can remember being signed up for my coach training certification program (hello – fellow CTI community!) and I had to have 5 clients to “practice” on. I was quaking in my heels wondering where I was going to get clients before my February 1st start date. Fortunately, my passion and courage prevailed and I enrolled clients. My very first client was a VP of Marketing colleague I used to work with from a different company. It was such an incredible thought that someone else believed in my message and in me enough to say YES to working with me.

* My very first teleclass had only 3 people signed up. I remember panicking, thinking it wasn’t enough to have an interactive class. So I cancelled the class. I called all 3 people and ended up enrolling 2 of them in private coaching! You will always have to get creative and find ways of making lemonade!