“Phenomenal Day!” You Too Can Experience This!


Last week, I led a private Creative Business Retreat for the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber of Commerce, Health & Well-Being Council.

It was truly a powerful day all the way through. They each worked on their Creative Business Plan for 2018.

They tapped into dreams, visions, creativity, ideas and possibilities. They also moved through stuck points, confusion, and resistance to a place of making decisions and creating a plan to focus on for the year. It was such a fun, beautiful and powerful process. As you can see by the picture I posted and the comment from the coordinator who brought me in…

Planning Workshop

Next week on Friday, February 2, I am leading another workshop like this one. Only it’s open to my community. I would like to invite you to attend.

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business this year… it helps to have a plan to guide your actions.

And the Creative Business Plan system gives you place to organize those ideas and get them out of your head – that is what is causing you to feel scattered, overwhelmed, frustrated and restless! (If you can relate…)

Here’s the link to check out the details and to sign up: Creative Business Planning LIVE Workshop.

Don’t worry, I make it fun and creative. And you’ll get so many ideas, strategies and feedback – the value of the day is quite extraordinary!

Warning: A Lot of Heartfelt Woo… and an Invitation for Rebels…


Several of my clients were talking to me on a call the other day about how they like the tribe I attract. They talked about how important it is to them to meet other like-minded, like-committed, creative, intuitive, successful entrepreneurs! (That’s a mouthful!)

You see, we are rebels at heart.

We walk through the world and create businesses in ways that stretch the boundaries of tradition.

I know when we are grounded we are able to fully believe, trust and move forward with confidence and conviction in our rebel-ness.

We also need to gather with our rebel tribe to support each other, knowing there is another way to be in the world and a richer way to create in business. That we can create from how we show up in the world and that being intuitive, sensitive, creative are strengths to appreciate and build up. And having a meaningful business that is fulfilling, profitable and impactful… makes a difference in the world.

We need to gather to validate that “we aren’t crazy!” (LOL!)

In fact, because we are rebels, renegades and pioneers… we are ahead of the pack.

Think back to those brave pioneers in the U.S. heading out west to find new land and start new towns. They had to leave the comfort and safety behind.

It can be lonely being a rebel pioneer.


You’ve Asked for It… LIVE Workshop!


I’ve had so many people asking for an in-person workshop with me, around the Creative Business Planning™ tools. So… I listened and I created! (Big smiles.)

We are having a small day-long retreat experience here in Atlanta. It’s an opportunity for me to take you through the Creative Business Planning system in-person and for you to be able to organize your ideas, focus your priorities and create an action plan!

I can tell you it will be…

*FUN – Who made up the rule that planning can’t be fun?!

*CREATIVE – Not like working on your “traditional type of plan” where it’s all linear… we work in mindmaps, circles, and energetic flow to get to your commitments.

*CONNECTING – It’s going to be a small group so there will be lots of brainstorming and great connections to like-spirited entrepreneurs!

*OH-SO-PRACTICAL – Even though I’m a creative catalyst – it’s all for the sake of you moving forward into your greater potential – for yourself and your business success.