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[Video] 3 Things to Do if You’re Overwhelmed and Stuck


Too many great ideas lead to overwhelm and staying stuck.

In this video, I tell you what to do first and then share 3 things to help you decide which ideas to pursue first.

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Too Many Good Ideas? Leads to Overwhelm, Doubt… and Doing Nothing


Flip ChartHere’s a picture from my latest workshop on Creative Business Planning.

We posted everyone’s intentions up on the wall. I wanted to be clear about what people most need and want.

By far the #1 desire… is to Organize Ideas!

They wanted to stop feeling so scattered, overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated about not getting things done because they have too many good ideas.

Can you relate?

You get an idea which then leads to another. You write it down on a sticky note. Then you hear of another great idea and write it down on a piece of paper. Then there’s your journal full of ideas. And don’t forget the napkin idea you had last week while having coffee with your colleague!

You hit a tipping point where it’s too much to hold in your brain. I call it Brain Clutter.

You need to get it from brain to paper – and paper that’s all in one place… so you can start to organize it.

I prefer to brainstorm using mind maps. It’s a circular way of capturing ideas.

You then overlay your idea mind maps with your vision and priorities and then it’s so much easier to make decisions about where to focus first.