I Keep Hearing How Much You Are Loving These Unique Gifts!


Heart of CoachingFrom time to time I will participate in a group promotion along with others who are experts in their fields.

Yes, it’s a way for all of us to build our lists. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that! It’s actually pretty smart marketing.

What goes wrong is when it’s a bunch of random experts from different areas or there are a 100 of free gifts and the gifts aren’t valuable. So what started as a good idea ends up being junk!

Here’s the thing about me… I’m really picky about who I collaborate with!

I know that you get a lot of stuff (and much of it is junk) in your inbox so I make sure that when I partner up with someone that I know it’s high quality and valuable.

That’s why I am a partner in the Heart of Coaching giveaway. It’s a small group of industry leaders – hand selected because they are truly leaders in the coaching industry.

And… the gifts in this giveaway are a bit different. There’s tools for your personal development, to use with your clients, exercises for use with teams and a few creative approaches to marketing success (like my gift!)

Here are just a few the gifts we have for you…


Join me at the Florida Creativity Conference

Creativity – strangely, creativity often gets put into a box. People think it means artistic or gifted.

Actually everyone is creative. And you are creating all the time.

You create new programs, articles, email responses, you inspire meetings and visions (or not).

Learning more about creativity is about adding to your toolbox new tools to be able to access new ideas, perspectives and mindsets. If you want to grow your business or your career you have to look at doing things differently than you’ve done in the past.

I have a great suggestion for how to immerse in creativity for your business and life. I’m speaking at the upcoming Creativity Weekend in Sarasota, Florida. I’m leading two workshops: Practical Creativity for Business and Doodling for Business. Sound fun, inspiring and like it would wake you up? Details for registration can be found here: Florida Creativity Weekend

[Atlanta Area] Meet me Friday for the Success Conversation Café!


If you are around the Greater Atlanta Area… It’s time for a Pop-up Success Conversation Café!

It’s a spontaneous opportunity for us to meet in person and connect into deep rich conversation.

It’s a great way for us to talk without being caught up in a formal meeting, hear more about what you are up to in your business and share some positive vibes!

It’s so important to surround yourself with life-enhancing relationships. I believe this is especially true for entrepreneurs. We have to protect and nurture our positivity and possibility energy.

Come on by… I’d love to talk with you!

Success Café at Atlanta Bread Company – Forum Shops

Peachtree Corners

Friday, February 24

Put it on your calendar to come and fill up with some positive vibes!

9:30 am – 11:30 am

I’d love to see you!