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I so love helping my clients step into the next edition of their business!

Leslie Hamp“Every coach needs a coach, and Laura West is the one I turn to for brainstorming, guidance and a big leap. In just 2 hours she helped me shift into my Zone of Genius and rebrand my business. It feels so good to kiss my old business model goodbye and claim a model that is aligned with this stage of life — leading groups and retreats around a life re-imagined. I am so grateful to have Laura in my back pocket as my coach, mentor and inspiration.

~Leslie Hamp, Creative Catalyst,


5 Reasons Why You Need to Be at the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea


Can you feel the change in the air?

I live outside Atlanta, GA and this morning I took a walk by the Chattahoochee River. It was amazing how it was not very humid… and there was even a slight breeze. I could feel fall coming just around the corner. It made me smile and feel so good!

If I had been in my office behind my computer, I would have missed it!

That’s the thing about change… it doesn’t happen behind the computer.

If you are feeling that pull to change your business… that desire to reimagine or even resuscitate(!) your business then you need to get out from behind your computer. Or, it’ll never happen.

I have the perfect opportunity for you!

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. It’s coming up in October. It will shift your perspective, your energy, your mindset AND a whole lot more.

Got you curious? I thought I’d share… (more…)