Creating From the Inside Out

stone circle. Carolyn. 2016Loved the teleclass I lead this afternoon in the Creative Business Studio: Creating from the Inside Out – 10 Strategies and Tools for Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom for Success.

We could have talked for 2 days on this. I shared how I create intentions and intentional energy using morning pages, stones, creative adventure dates, oracle cards, sage, creativity and more.

And everyone took away something to add to their day and gave more ideas. Does this sound like how you want to run your business? You may be interested in joining us at the Creative Business Studio.


Today’s Energy Infusion Words: Freedom


 Freedom.blogToday’s Energy Infusion Words: Freedom. In the simplest form, you have the freedom to change your attitude, outlook or perspective every day. It’s up to you to exercise this freedom or be bound by old beliefs of scarcity and impossibility. Every day you have the freedom to shift to a more empowering belief.

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