Today’s Energy Infusion Word: Listen


Today’s Energy Infusion Word: Listen. Got your weekly to-do list all ready. Before you take action spend time listening. Listen to your heart, your kids, your partner. Listen to your clients, your market. What is being expressed? What is not being said? What wants to be heard? It will change everything when you add Listen to your to-do list.

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Creating from the Inside Out




I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  I’ve been working a lot as I’m going through some big changes here at the Center for Joyful Business, but I’ve also taken some time off this summer.  

I’ve realized over the years that the more I take time for myself for creative adventures and to follow my passion, interests and to refuel, the more it pays dividends in fun and joy and leading a rich life…all of which shifts and shapes who I am in business.